4 Fool-Proof Ways To Rug Layering That Will Make Your Home Extra Cozy

April 3, 2018



Pat Herbolario

Rugs are a great accessory in any home. Aside from adding personality and texture to your space, rugs also make a space feel cozy and warm. It makes a living space (mostly the living room, bedroom, and entertainment area) more welcoming, it also encourages a more casual vibe in any space. Rug layering is a fun art to add coziness to your space. If you have a lot of rugs around or want to accessorize your flooring without tearing the tiles or laminates off, rug layering is something you should consider.
Here’s 4 ways to layer rugs like a pro!

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1 A Basic Rug + An Animal Rug

One of the most famous ways to layering rugs is putting a simple rug and an animal print rug together. Layering your animal rug on a plain rug will make it stand out in your space.

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2 Cover Your Floor Up With Multiple Rugs

If you have outgrown your floor but have no budget to replace it, layering rugs is a possible solution for you. If you have a ton of rugs around, you can cover up your floor with a lot of rugs. It is an understatement to say that it will add texture to your space, it will add so much warmth and festivity in your room. Plus, this will give your space better acoustics.
rug layering, carpet layering,
rug layering, carpet layering,

3 Accent Rug + Another Accent Rug

Rugs are like paintings, they can add color and personality any space. Keep your walls plain and let the floors do the talking. Layer one Persian rug after another to help give your space personality.

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rug layering, carpet layering,
4 A Big Basic Rug + A Small Accent Rug

If you already have giant rug defining your space, you can always place a smaller one to help define a specific space in a room.
rug layering, carpet layering,

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