Think All Candles Are the Same? Here’s What Candle To Light and Where!

April 12, 2018



Pat Herbolario

All candles are different, some are tall, some are stout, some are tiny. While they all contribute light, not all candles are made the same and neither are they for all areas of the home. Here are the 5 major types of candles and where you should actually light them.

1 Taper

WHERE TO USE THEM: Dining room

Taper Candles are thin and tall that need to be placed on a candle holder in order to stand. They can create drama and depth in any tablescape. Due to it’s thinness and length, tapered candles are not ideal for long-term burning. However, that quality makes them perfect for a dinner party. 

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2 Pillars

WHERE TO USE THEM: Living room, Dining Room

Thicker and column-like, pillars are incredibly decorative especially on your coffee table or foyer. They can create levels on a shelf or a table. However, do not light them while it’s placed on the shelf as this can burn your shelf.
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3 Candle Pots

WHERE TO USE THEM: Bedroom, Living Room

Scented candles often come as a candle pot. These are the best thing you can reward to you and your space. They omit scents that can truly create an ambiance. It is ideal to light these where you relax and entertain but not in the kitchen or dining as the scent can confuse your tastebuds
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4 Tea Lights

WHERE TO USE THEM: Outdoors, Dining Room, Kitchen

Tea lights are tiny candles that have a short burn-life. It is ideal to use them as a bunch to truly illuminate something. You can also keep these around on the dining table to shoo-away pests, or light one (or two!) in the kitchen to kill any unwanted aromas. Should you light them on the dining table, please put them in a decorative candle holder.

5 Votive

WHERE TO USE THEM: Bathroom, Kitchen

Votives will melt like cheese without a candle holder so unless you want a puddle of wax in your house, only light these when you’ve placed them in a jar or heat-resistant candle holder. They are not the best looking candle and are mainly made for the purpose of light and a faint scent.

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