5 Iconic Homes from 5 Iconic Movies

September 7, 2023



Shan Arcega

Movies are places where people can flutter out of reality and experience stories that bring people into entirely different worlds. Among the different movies and their sets, there are ones that not just work as the biggest prop to the story, but simply are places that carry so much beauty.

Here are five iconic homes from some of the film industry’s most famous and groundbreaking movies. 

Darcy’s Noble Mansion

Chatsworth House is practically a museum. Photo by Paul Stephenson.

From a wide lake, expansive gardens, and even a museum of statues, Darcy’s mansion from Pride and Prejudice (2005) is every Jane Austen fan’s dream destination. Actually named the Chatsworth House, its exteriors and Hall and Sculpture Gallery were the sites for Pemberly. Upon entry, guests are greeted by the very same intricately painted ceiling that entranced Elizabeth Bennet. The residence is home to a large collection of art coming from different eras, from ancient Rome and Egypt masters to Rembrandt and Veronese’s old mastery, and to modern artists like Lucian Freud and David Nash, the mansion houses all of these artworks, making it the perfect museum and haven fit for Darcy and Elizabeth. 

The Cullen’s Modern House

The Cullen house is actually the perfect and comforting abode for vampires who constantly hide from human eyes. Photo courtesy of Skylab Architecture.

The Cullen residence was probably a stunner for every Twilight fan who first watched the movie. Aside from it being the complete opposite of what Bella Swan expected a vampire’s house to be like, its modern look is already a beautiful design all on its own. The house by Skylab Architecture can be found in Portland’s Forest Park and is actually dubbed the M1 Residence. Overall, the home is a home that welcomes the outdoors and has dramatic interior spaces that work as a good shelter and a VIP seat to nature’s best views. It also features several cutting-edge details that balance geometry and natural shapes and colors. The complete opposite of the movie residences hiding their identities. 

Jay Gatsby’s Exciting Estate

Kings Point Estate is every bit as grand as Jay Gatsby’s lasting love for Daisy. Photo courtesy of Coldwell Banker.

At Long Island’s North Shore where extravagant estates can be spotted so frequently that it’s also known as The Gold Coast sits Kings Point. Built in 1928, Kings Point Estate is a 14,551-square-foot colonial-style mansion set on a 7.7-acre lot. With 13 bedrooms and 35 bathrooms, the estate is a grand residence that highlights Jay Gatsby’s illustrious lifestyle. Just like Jay Gatsby envisioned it for his one love, Daisy, the home is practically a world all by itself. Along with two separate guest houses, the estate also has a bowling alley, a shooting range, and even a casino.

Nick Parker’s Napa Valley Vinyard

The Napa Valley Vinyard is an open space that’s perfect for the carefree Parkers. Photo courtesy of BAR Architects.

The Napa Valley Vinyard’s truly known as the Staglin Family Vinyard and is located in Rutherford, California. A laid-back place where Hallie and Nick Parker live with Hallie’s nanny Chessy, the estate has 51 acres of vines, an underground winery, and a historic homestead, its a home with a long 130-year heritage that’s rich in social history.

The Intriguing Park Family Home

The Park family home in Parasite is an iconic house dubbed as one of the most important cinematic masterpieces in the 21st century. Photo courtesy of Neon.

The modern Park family home in Bong Joon Ho’s groundbreaking movie, Parasite is one of the most iconic houses of the 21st century. A house that shows symbolism through the simple partitions and barriers of the house that apparently show the “uncrossable line” between the wealthy and the poor, it’s a modern home where 60% of the movie is set. In reality, the house was designed by “Parasite” production designer Lee Ha Jun but fictionally, the house was designed by the fictional architect Namgoong Hyeonja.

All in all, these are just some of the most iconic homes carrying various styles that perfectly fit their stories and their characters.

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