5 Movies to Watch if You Want to Declutter your Home

September 15, 2017



Pat Herbolario

Sometimes less is definitely more. If you live in a tiny space and can’t afford to waste space on clutter or simply want to clean out your home, here are five movies to watch to help you achieve just that.

1 Minimalism: A Documentary

Perhaps one of the best movies out there about simple living, Minimalism: A Documentary is a must-watch. With numerous awards under its belt, this movie helps you rethink about living with only what you need. Follow two guys who have lived the corporate dream, they share their experiences on cutting out what is unnecessary to live a full life.

Love people. Use things. The opposite never works

2 Confessions of a Shopaholic

We’ve all been through the decluttering dilemma Rebecca Bloomwood has been through. Set with alluring outfits crafted by the infamous Patricia Field, Confessions of a Shopaholic is of the most relatable movies about downsizing one’s wardrobe and limiting one’s purchases.

Cost and worth are very different things

3 The True Cost

Know the people in fast fashion factories, The True Cost shows you what glossy fashion brands don’t. Andrew Morgan’s new film shares the story behind affordable clothing by going inside sweatshops, showing how wasteful the fashion industry can be, and how we live day in and day out without noticing it. This movie will help you declutter by making you think twice about how much your purchase and what your purchase.  

4 Into The Wild

Okay, we do not recommend you go on hiatus, go backpacking, and be a hippie nomad like Christopher McCandless. The main character literally declutters his entire life in the film, from his bank account to relationship with his family. Into The Wild can teach you a thing or two about what really matters in life. In the film, the main character doesn’t really have a home but finds home in the different people he meets. He finally settles in this abandoned school bus in Alaska that he considers his home and realizes that happiness is not found in material things.

Happiness is only real when shared

5 Tiny

Living small is making it big, if you‘re thinking of downsizing your space, Tiny is a must-watch. Following a man building a tiny home from scratch, reminds you that happiness can be found by giving up a few square meters and keeping only what is essential.

The world gets a lot bigger when you live small… The whole world is [your] living room.

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