A Modern and Luxe 3-Bedroom Condo Designed By RVR Interior Design

April 24, 2018



Denny Mata

interior designer is all about having your space customized to how you want it to be. For this unit, the owner asked the team behind RVR Interior Design for something neo-classical with a hint of modern design. The firm’s principal designer, IDr. Ria Karen Reyes, has worked on the client’s other condo units, leaving minimal areas for error in terms of design. RVR Interior Design’s junior designers, Gracielle Reyes and Micaela Carlos, share that the design of the unit was based purely on how the client wanted it. Despite the unusual floor plan, the firm was able to work wonders with the unit. The designers added a curved bench in the dining room to add a subtle break from dramatic and serious feel of the design. A consistent theme in the client’s units is the use of a dominantly neutral palette made exciting by bright and loud accents. The young designers tell us that they have done the client’s other units in blue, green, and red. This unit is predominantly white, which might be a scary color to use because of the pressure to keep it clean, but it is a sure way to make your space appear larger. White marble tile is also used throughout the unit to add a very luxurious feel to the space minus the luxurious price tag. Orange is the latest addition to the owner’s color collection of condos. The owner intends to give the unit to his eldest son but for now, the whole family will reside in the unit. Upon asking why they had this or why they added that to the space, the junior designers responds with “the client requested for it” or “that is really what the client wanted.” The living room boasts of the great view of Burgos Circle and Manila Golf Club, one of the reasons the owners chose this unit. To enjoy the view, a custom couch and coffee table with an ottoman was placed in the living room. A painting hangs on the wall by the couch, which complements and ties the whole space together. When asked if the painting in the living room was what inspired the unit’s color palette, the junior designers laughed and said that it was the other way around. The firm commissioned Joseph Isidro to paint all the artworks in the unit. Almost all of the pieces in the unit are custom-made to make the perspective they presented go from paper to reality. The firm also opted for custom-made pieces which allowed the designers to control the size, color, and quality of the pieces that go inside the unit. The designers converted one of the small rooms in the unit into a multimedia and guest room. To avoid puncturing the walls, the frames were hanged with nylon string from the dropped ceiling. The room next to the guest room was eaten up by the building column, so the designers added ledges to fulfill the client’s son’s wish to display his cap collection. The owners also requested for light switches, sockets, and USB ports to be installed beside the bed for hotel-like convenience. The master bedroom deviates from the orange accent and is dressed in white and blue hues. The beddings are all custom-made, giving it a hotel vibe. The owner had built-in reading lights installed for times he would want to read a book before sleeping. The owner is more than happy with what the firm has done. RVR Interior Design created a beautiful space with their client’s convenience and preference at the heart of their design. This article first appeared on CondoLiving Vol.10.6 2015. Edits were made for CondoLiving.OneMega.com.

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