9 Philippine Vacation Homes That Will Make You Wish You Were There

March 28, 2018



Pat Herbolario

Our homes should be a refuge from the daily stresses of life, be it in a subdivision or a condo. However, there is really a charm to having a home away from home, a second home, a vacation home. And while people might see it as an expense, a vacation home is a true investment.
In the Philippines, there are so many beautiful places to put you vacation home on. If you want a weekend retreat, Batangas and Tagaytay are there. For those who want a full getaway, consider Sorsogon or Bohol. These places connect you to nature, be it a beach or a mountain sides. Regardless of the location you pick, we can assure you that your rest house will be beautiful with the right architects, interior designers, and your personal taste.
Here’s 9 Vacation Houses from all around the Philippines that you simply have to see!

1 An Airy Tropical Batangas Home

batangas vaction house
Designed by Architect Edmundo B. Flores, this vacation house is a dream. The spiral staircase is the main stunner. The rest of the house feels like a peaceful space designed for relaxation.
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2 Rico and Nena Tantoco’s Abode

Modernized Bahay na Bato
This vacation house in Laguna puts Filipino design on a pedestal. The couple who is responsible for department store Rustan’s, rests in a luxurious and proudly Filipino home.
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3 A Cozy Country Home

Cozy Country Home, Mom & tina's, interior design philippines, myhome magazine
Capable of housing almost 50 people, this family clan vacation makes it to our list because of it’s cozy, country ambiance. Located in Tagaytay, this interior style is perfect for the cold weather.
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4 The Capitano

Designed by Cara De Ocampo for her parents, this vacation home has features a suspended pool overlooking the clear waters of Batangas. Need we say more?
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5 Milo Naval’s Sorsogon Vacation Home

vacation home, filipino homes, vacation home philippines
Artist Milo Naval has a love affair with anything handmade and sustainable, his vacation home in Sorsogon is no exception. Best part? The bedroom opens to a pool!
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6 The Windward House

vacation home, filipino homes, vacation home philippines
Located in Tali, Batangas, this 1,450-square meter beach house uses raw materials like palacino wood, and exposed, sealed, and polished concrete to create a warm and industrial aesthetic.
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7 Wing Bustamante’s Bohol Vacation Home

bohol, vacation house, bohol house, dream home, vacation home, tropical design, Philippine houses, Philippines house,
An architectural marvel, this vacation house in Bohol makes it to the list because of it’s amazing solution to it’s unusual location: dead-smack on a mountain slope
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8 A Seaside Beauty

Filipino vacation home, Architect Roland Mendoza, anilao batangas, interior design philippines,
Another vacation house in Batangas, this weekend getaway is an escape for a seaside loving couple. Architect Roland Mendoza made this space uniquely Filipino and incredibly airy!
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9 Karl Aguila’s Antique House in Negros Oriental

vacation home, filipino homes, vacation home philippines
The exterior of the house uses repurposed fire bricks from the sugar mills of Negros. The inside is a lush display of antiques and rustic textures.
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