A Friendlier Look: The Effect of Rounded Shapes in Interiors

July 24, 2023



Shan Arcega

The interior of a house is the inner sanctum that should always be the one place where your mind and body are soothed. In Interior design, shapes are one of the elements that can change a space’s entire feel and vibe by transmitting certain emotions, thoughts, and perceptions to the viewer. Square shapes can give a sense of stability, strength, reliability, and seriousness, triangles give either a sense of sharpness and danger or guidance and divinity as they point upward.

Rounded or curved elements make a room feel more welcoming. Photo courtesy of Chat Fores Design Studio.

Each of these shapes present different meanings but among these circles are shapes that give off joy, friendliness, and mischief, and psychologically worked as an abstract symbol for happiness. Though these are quite playful traits, rounded shapes in a room give off the impression of unity and protection as they are a ‘friendly’ shape that is instantly recognizable due to them reflecting the shape of the moon, sun, and earth. Their soft shape also reminds people of the stability, assurance, and trust that simple shapes give off.

The September Cafe in Vietnam has a friendly and welcoming vibe mostly due to the round features spotted inside and outside the structure. Photo courtesy of Phú Đào.

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Espacio18 Arquitecturas ‘ Villa Cava has a circular doorway is an example of rounded shapes used well for an interior. Photo courtesy of César Béjar.

By adding rounded furniture to the interiors and avoiding furniture with sharp ends, the room can feel more welcoming and approachable rather than unwelcoming and aggressive as sharp angles are associated with harm and anger. 

Aside from the positive psychological aspects round shapes fulfill, circular interior pieces have a stylishness to them and gives the room a sense of cohesiveness. By using circular or rounded furniture in a room, other elements like the space, accessories, lighting fixtures, and other furniture would look more natural together.

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