Striking views of the northeast sea, the sound of Java Plum tree branches brushing against each other in the calm breeze. In the Holiday Inn Samui Hotel, the feeling and sight of relaxation are delivered through an organic form that evokes tranquility with a dome-shaped lobby portraying a seamless connection with its surroundings. Inspired by the shape of a cut coconut shell, this dome-shaped lobby was designed by Bangkok-based Onion Studio and encloses visitors in an environment surrounded by geometries of spheres. This lobby’s exterior is adorned with wooden shingles that clad the entire surface while the interiors’ ceilings take shape as three-dimensional steps that were created using gypsum boards.

The first envelope in the lobby is a pick-up and drop-off area for vehicles.
The other envelope meanwhile has an open ceiling that allows for better ventilation and an open view of the sky.

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Inside this lobby, guests can experience four separate spaces arranged in a linear organization that guides the guests’ gaze toward the wide seascape. The first envelope is the pick-up and drop-off area that accommodates vehicles while the second frames the existing Java Plum tree and opens up to fantastic views of the sky. The third envelope meanwhile embraces the lobby’s heart, highlighting the ceilings with natural, calm lighting that make the ceiling looks as if its step-like design is gently undulating. The fourth envelope perpendicular to the main axis meanwhile has a versatile conference room that caters to the guests’ and visitors’ needs.

Inside, the third envelope’s ceiling has a line of hanging bamboo planes that add a touch of grace.
These dome-shaped lobbies are reminiscent of cut coconut shells.
The interiors highlight a ceiling of three-dimensional steps.
The dome-shape concept was to highlight a connection with the tranquil surroundings.

A special area meanwhile within the lobby showcases a shift in materials made up of hanging bamboo planes that add a touch of elegance. All throughout, the lobby showcases local materials sourced from and made by local craftsmen from Samui Island. For Onion Studio, this is a design technique that can be seen throughout the contemporary-styled projects they’re mostly known for. 

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Photos from Onion Studio

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