A Peek into Ricco Ocampo’s Curated Sanctuary

June 15, 2024



Rick Formalejo

Stepping into Ricco Ocampo’s home is akin to embarking on a journey through a curated landscape of art, history, and personal narrative. Nestled in an exclusive village in Makati, this house, which Ocampo moved into in February 2024, represents a profound shift in his lifestyle—a quest for solitude and a meaningful existence. Ocampo, an entrepreneur and a tastemaker, has meticulously designed his home, not just as a living space but as a reflection of his life’s journey and the art of curation.

A New Chapter

A Peek into Ricco Ocampo’s Curated Sanctuary.

“I just moved in this February,” Ocampo begins, his voice imbued with a sense of renewal. “After 14 years living in my old house, I decided I want something new. I was craving for something new and a change.” This new abode symbolizes a fresh start, a break from the past, and a transition towards a quieter, more personal way of living. Ocampo splits his time between Manila and La Union, and the influence of his island life is subtly woven into the fabric of his new home.

Living part-time in La Union has profoundly shaped Ocampo’s outlook on life and, consequently, his approach to his new home. “The quest for solitude and the quest for living a very meaningful life,” he reflects, are the primary influences he has brought from his time on the island. This quest is evident in the home’s design—spaces that offer tranquility, personal significance, and a departure from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Meaningful Living

For Ricco Ocampo, meaningful living translates into the thoughtful curation of his home’s interior. “It’s all about the things I put inside for myself,” he explains. “Things that are meaningful to me, things that have history, that remind me of good times and the different phases in my life.” This philosophy is not just about aesthetics; it’s a deeply personal approach to interior design that reflects his life’s journey. Having moved more than 12 times, Ocampo views each new space as an educational experience, a canvas to explore and express his evolving tastes and experiences.

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