The One MEGA Group is home to many prestige magazine titles in the Philippines, covering a plethora of topics, such as fashion (MEGA), high society (Lifestyle Asia), parenting (Modern Parenting), and architecture (BluPrint). Recently, the company launched its first sports title–The Game. Now, a new publication joins this esteemed roster—one that caters to all things business: The Business Manual.

The Business Manual is the first online subscription-based business platform. It will be under the leadership of RJ Ledesma, an entrepreneur and the co-founder of Mercato Centrale and the founder of the franchise platform Easy Franchise. He also runs his own podcast and doubles as both a host and motivational speaker.

Before all this, Ledesma was the Editor-in-Chief of Manual Magazine—one of Mega’s former publications. Now back in the company, it’s all business for this maverick as he steers The Business Manual to new heights.

RJ Ledesma, The Business Manual EIC

“It’s great to be back in the publishing industry with the privilege of re-animating my beloved Manual Magazine for a new audience and with a new advocacy,” Ledesma shares. “The Business Manual looks forward to inspiring and motivating my fellow businesspeople and entrepreneurs through our in-depth features and engaging tutorials to successfully navigate their own businesses to survive and thrive in the post-New Normal environment.”

Joining the ranks as The Business Manual’s Managing Editor is’s former Senior Associate Editor, Diane Go. A lifestyle writer and content creator who has dabbled in many areas in the field of business—from marketing to social media management, freelance writing, and writing for various online publications like The Asian Parent and When in Manila—she eventually found her niche in One Mega Group.

Diane Go, The Business Manual Managing Editor

“The transition from writing about lifestyle to business and lifestyle is a refreshing change—one that I am excited to be part of,” she says. “With many small businesses on the rise here in the country, I believe that The Business Manual will be a good avenue for entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners  to learn and grow by example, as we will be featuring many success stories and highlights from the veterans and experts themselves moving forward.”

Where Future Success Stories Begin

The Business Manual caters to aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and young professionals seeking to learn the ropes in their respective fields.

“I understand firsthand the value of having someone give you your ‘big break’—to teach you the skills that you need and introduce you to the right people in order for you to succeed in business,” One Mega Group’s CEO Archie Carrasco shares. “I am where I am today and I have seen many of my dreams come to fruition because once upon a time, Ms. Sari [Yap] saw my potential, took me under her wing, and gave me my life-changing break.”

“This is why we established The Business Manual: I want to pay it forward and help Filipinos who have a brilliant business idea, but may not know how to execute it, or entrepreneurs who don’t know the right people to help take their business to the next level,” he adds.

From success stories to thought pieces and testimonials, business discoveries, career advice, entrepreneurial endeavors, how-tos, news, and more, The Business Manual seeks to redefine the business scene with the 3 i’s:

Inform: provide up-to-date, relevant, and exclusive business, lifestyle, and industry news in a way that is understandable to the audience.

Involve: encourage learning by asking the experts themselves. The Business Manual will feature content from a wide variety of business experts, thought leaders, and influential figures.

Inspire: feature up-and-coming businesses and business owners through comprehensive, thought-out, and well-written content that seeks to inspire others to do the same in order to speak to an aspirational audience.

Pioneering Online Subscription-based Business Platform

The Business Manual mirrors a manual that all businesses have through its content. As the first online subscription-based business platform, this publication will provide not only a platform for business minds to come together but also everything there is to know about business.

The website features exclusive stories—from interviews to cover stories, and how-tos—which can only be accessed after paying an annual subscription fee of PHP120. However, there will still be free content in the form of news and events that readers can easily access.

The Business Manual will also be debuting a video feature, which will house webinars, interviews, and content—exclusively for its subscribers.

True to its nature of being a publishing platform, The Business Manual will also run a monthly cover feature. By highlighting the business journey through an exclusive interview, readers can finally get the answers to questions that they’ve been wanting to know. From quotable quotes to business tips, stories, and more, the website weaves all this into an exclusive feature where all eyes are on the brand’s chosen person.

Business Made Easy

Beyond the how-tos, news, and more, The Business Manual aims to share the success stories of well-established business figures in the country. Just like networking—one of the key tools in doing business—The Business Manual aims to connect aspiring professionals with these brilliant minds.

“Business is a very technical concept and some are intimidated by it. But with The Business Manual, we aim to make business more approachable. To dissect and explain it in a way that many can understand, in order to help aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners,” Go says. “That’s the vision we have for The Business Manual.”

“We hope that by educating these budding entrepreneurs, connecting them with like-minded business experts that can provide actionable insights, and giving them access to knowledge and resources that otherwise may be out of their reach, we can help them kick start their business growth, inspire them to go for bigger goals, and consequently, improve the quality of life of the Filipino people overall,” adds Carrasco.

Visit The Business Manual website to learn more.

Photos courtesy of The Business Manual

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