Esteemed art curator Norman Crisologo is bringing together the works of 12 contemporary Filipino artists in a group exhibition, titled Isang Daan Taon, Isang Araw (One Hundred Years, One Day). Artinformal Gallery in Greenhills, known for its progressive and independent productions, launched the exhibit last month.


For Isang Daan Taon, Isang Araw (One Hundred Years, One Day), Norman Crisologo gathered 12 noteworthy artists to create works that speak of “chaos and conflict”. He transformed the usual galleries’ white walls into colorful hues of green, blue, red, purple, pink, and blue as the perfect backdrops for each significant work that are worthy of worship.

Entering the gallery, Doktor Karayom’s “Katok sa Kahoy”, welcomes you. It shows excellent work of acrylic paint on wood, wood clay, and resin. Parallel to this stunning work is an oil, acrylic, and aerosol on canvas triptych by Bjorn Calleja. “Flowers Fighting Over its Own Image” comprises three large canvases in bright neon frames.

Further into the Artinformal gallery are two massive works of Pawikan Art Collective member Bud Omeng and Ryan Jara, who paints portraits in unique figurations. Each painting is almost 18 feet long. Cebu-based artist Jan Sunday’s “The 12-pointed Star and the Precession”, a tapestry work on canvas, anchors the two pieces.

On the next floor, you are led to Manuel Ocampo’s “Three Scholars on the Way to the Temple,” “M&C #1”, and “Playtime.” The catalog for this show reveals that there are colorful works behind these canvasses. Beside it is Jigger Cruz’s work “Still Life With a Broken Man’s Bow Tie.” This work might be small, but the impact is undeniably immense.

Artinformal exhibit
Manuel Ocampo for Artinformal

Going into the Red Room, you are led to works by four artists. “Quiescence,” by painter and licensed architect, Stephanie Alvarez shows watercolor and graphite on rose petals made of paper, mounted on wood and framed under an acrylic box. “The Birth of Consciousness,” another tapestry assemblage by Jan Sunday, is on one wall. Across this are two works by Lui Gonzales in her usual layers of torn tracing paper layered with thread, pen, and ink called “In Search for a Cure for Melancholia.” Lastly, “The Enemy Is Inside”, a considerable work by 13 Artists Awardee for 2018 Lynyrd Paras, is something you can’t miss.

The hallway that leads you to the Blue Room highlights Kiko Urquiola’s “Hindi Ka Tao Kung Hindi Ka Makasalanan.” This oil on canvas diptych can be considered Urquiola’s best work so far. In the Blue Room are four of Paolo Icasas’ works. The room is dedicated for the viewers’ appreciation of the artist’s colourful streaks and strokes on the landscapes.

Isang Daan Taon, Isang Araw (One Hundred Years, One Day) is on view from August 21 to 28 at Artinformal Greenhills, 277 Connecticut, Mandaluyong.   

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