Aside from Netflix and Chill, Here’s 7 Stay-in Date Ideas

February 9, 2018



Pat Herbolario

Netflix and Chill is one of those lazy date ideas that most Millennials go for. However, the charm of this three-word invite is so passé. If you’re celebrating an anniversary, Valentine’s, or a just because, Netflix and Chill simply won’t cut it. If both you and your partner are home-bodies, stay-in dates must be a big deal for you two, here are 7 ways to make your condo more cozy for that next stay-in date.

1 Cook Dinner

Avoid the traffic and the hassle of reserving a table, stay-in instead! Nothing says you love someone like a meal you cooked yourself. Serve it on your best plates with your finest cutlery. Don’t forget to light some candles! Read: 6 Rules to Follow When Lighting Candles on the Dining Table

2 Wine Glasses, please.

Please stop serving your beer-in-cans and leave it in an era when it was cool. Which ever beverage you’ll be serving up, make sure you have the proper glass for it. A flute for champagne, a wine glass for wine, a beer bottle for beer (if you’re chill like that). It makes your S.O. know you’re prepared and sophisticated.  Read: Hosting Wine and Cheese Night? Here are 9 Kitchen Essentials You Need!

3 Craft Your Own Cocktail Together

Impress your date by crafting your own cocktail, you can even name it with an inside joke only two will get! Make sure you have all the essential bartending tools though, from the shaker to the stirrer! Read: 10 Essential Bartending Tools

4 A Personal Speakeasy

Take a break from Netflix and Chill, and put that mobile device down or turn the TV off. If your unit has a balcony, might as well make the most out of it and enjoy a night of staring into the city skyline with your bae. Add some outdoor furniture and enjoy your condo’s scenic view. Read: 3 Ways to Make Your Balcony More Livable condo balcony, condo veranda, condo tips, condo interior design, interior design, interior design manila, interior design tips,

5 Play Some Music

Put an ambiance over dinner or drinks with a well-curated playlist, the Millennial version of a cheesy mixtape. There’s no cookie-cutter template to making the right playlist. Put together songs from the night you first met, OSTs of the movies you’ve watched, or songs that remind you of each other. Might be best to lay off the Adele and Sam Smith for now. Play your music via Spotify on nice speakers or a vinyl player.

6 Light up Some Candles

Yes, candles do help set the mood in any space but all the more in the bedroom. Be it tall, tapered ones or your favorite votive scented candle, candles will definitely up your stay-indoors date. Read: 6 Bight Ways to Take Care of Your Scented Candles

7 Flowers will Never Get Old

The romantic allure of flowers will never fade. Get your loved one flowers, it can be a bouquet or the new and trendy boxed flowers that they can display on their coffee table. Read: Romantic Flower Arrangements that Are Far From Your Usual Red Roses Romantic Flower Arrangements, floral arrangements, te amo, te amo floralista, manila florist, florist philippines, manila flowers, BGC flowers

8 Have a Staycation

If you want a change of scenery from your condo, have a staycation in a boutique hotel. Boutique hotels are way more intimate than the big hotels. We recommend old Filipino homes renovated into hotels like The Henry Hotel or the renovated Army Navy club, now the Rizal Park Hotel.

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