How to Get the Perfect Home Based on Your Astrological Sign

March 21, 2018



Pat Herbolario

Your home is a personal space where you can be yourself and live. It is important to create a home with the right atmosphere for your family and your being. We are not forcing you to change your house completely based on these tips, they are only meant as a guide on how to improve your home’s overall vibe. The best part about Astrology is that it serves as a guide to help us be closer to ourselves, it helps us to be better by telling us what we’re good at and what we can work on. This article is a guide for you to make your home a sanctuary and a place to recharge your chi, based on your astrological sign.


January 20-February 18

Vessel Hostel
Original and independent, people under this astrological sign deserves a house that exudes their unique personality. This can be through an eclectic interior or a completely out of the world type of house, a container van home, perhaps? However, remember to balance out your space with areas of rest, be it visually through a white wall or through allotting a space you can call your own in the house.
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February 19-March 20

Filled with wonder and imagination, Pieces people love escaping reality. They deserve a home with a space where they can create and be artistic. Since they treasure their time on their own, sprucing up a lanai or a personal home study is important as a personal escape for this astrological sign. Also, consider looking for a comfy accent chair where you can sit and enjoy your own company with a book and some tea!


March 21-April 19

Brave and courageous, Aries need to be extremely sure about how they want their house to be done. A home gym or a vast garden might be a good investment for the Aries types because they are often very active and energetic. However, people in this astrological sign are also moody and impatient, the bedroom and kitchen are key places for them to rid of those negative energies.


April 20-May 20

Born hard workers, Tauruses should learn how to relax every once in awhile. While it might be tempting to place a work desk or a study room. However, they should also invest in a good bed with great bed sheets so they can recharge and take on the next day headstrong. Tauruses are also known to be great at gardening and cooking since its astrological sign is an Earth element.


May 21-June 20

People born into this astrological sign known are known to be inconsistent and indecisive. Best to stay away from the pitfall of overthinking and perpetually second-guessing is by creating a very relaxing and comforting home. Stay away from bright and strong colors that can frustrate and tire your eyes easily. Also, since people in this astrological sign loves to chat with others, it is important to have a lot of seating in your home, especially in the dining and living room.


June 21-July 22

Mid-Century house
Known to be creative souls, people who fall in this astrological sign should let their space be their canvas. An eclectic home filled with colorful walls and interesting furniture is the way to go. If not, white walls with a curation of fine artwork should also do the trick! A Cancer’s home has to be a space where he/she can create. However, as the most sentimental of all the astrological signs, it is important for Cancers to declutter often as they tend to be hoarders.


July 23-August 22

Coming with a strong personality, Leos loving being the center of attention. They shine in hosting parties and entertaining guests, so the dining and living room are their places to shine. It’s not a party without a Leo. However, the downside to Leos is that they tend to get lazy and slothish. Combat this by creating a positive and uplifting energy in your home through bright colors and even scents!


August 23-September 22

Virgos are hardworking and practical, they want the best bang for their buck. Virgos can create a beautiful home without breaking the bank, as long as they know the best stores to shop. With a penchant for details and organizing, Virgos also make the best interior designers/decorators. Usually organized, Virgos should invest in a lot of storage containers and organizers to make the most out of this trait.


September 23-October 22

Everyone is friends with a Libra, these people are diplomatic social butterflies. It is only fitting that they have space to entertain guests, be it the dining room or the living room. Represented by weighing scales, Librans strive to strike a balance in everything they do. Their homes should be a perfect balance of rest and play. They also like symmetry, so the best house this astrological sign is something modern and something perfectly symmetrical.


October 23-November 21

Resourceful and passionate beings they are, Scorpios can DIY up their home with ease. As an astrological sign that leans towards water, Scorpions should invest in a bathtub, pool, jacuzzi, or a water fixture in their homes to refresh their energy. Since they often keep their emotions and problems to themselves, having a space where they can empty their minds is also a great idea.


November 22-December 21

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Known to be natural travelers, this astrological sign should make space for a lot of travel mementos. Equipped with a great sense of humor, Saguittarians best shine in the entertaining areas of a home. Perpetually in the pursuit of adventure, Sagittarians should invest in a daybed where they can rest after all that adventure hunting. Since they promise more they they can deliver, people in this astrological sign need to invest in a working desk or a study room in their homes to push them to work better.


December 22-January 19

Modernized Bahay na Bato
Entertaining is their middle name! Capricorns are sociable and well-mannered, making them the perfect hosts for a party. Being an Earth element, best to get a home with a big outdoor area to recharge your energy and hold lavish parties in! Very musical types, Capricorns should invest in quality home speakers. Also, as huge fans of handmade items, it can be expected that a Capricorn’s house will be filled with a lot of high quality handmade furniture like wicker pieces!

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