When we plan for our tropical getaways, it is always a given that we look for dreamy places. This is what the Atelier Nomadic team delivered when they completed the bamboo treehouses for Nomadic Resorts. Specializing in biophilic architecture, the team created a series of bamboo treehouses located in Playa Viva, Mexico. They incorporated nature, not just for aesthetic purposes but also for the guests’ total well-being.


The Mobula Rays that inhabit the property’s coastline served as the inspiration for the overall design. The six bamboo treehouses have flat diagonal roofs bringing to mind the shape of the beautiful aquatic creature.

All of the treehouses are above the ground. Each has its own annex where the lounge or the second bedroom is. Below the annex treehouse is the bathroom. Lush coconut trees surround all of these while overlooking the Playa Viva beach. The carefully curated spaces will take patrons into a relaxed tropical paradise.

The treehouses were complete using two kinds of bamboo. The main structure was perfect using Guadua bamboo poles. Considered the world’s strongest bamboo, the roof framework is made of the same type as well. For the walls and facade, the designers used Fish-Pole bamboo. Moreover, the native flooring was of Cumaru timber, a locally grown type of wood.

Truly, the team behind these bamboo treehouses, have put to mind not only aesthetics using what nature has to offer. But also the mental well-being of the guests, staying accurate to how biophilic architecture should be.

Photo credits: Kevin Steele, AVABLU, courtesy of Playa Viva

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