Bangkok Project Studio’s Shining Hidden Treasure in Thailand “The Women Restaurant”

September 8, 2021



Shan Arcega

Architecture is creating an atmosphere that makes a person more aware of their personal surroundings. This belief is what serves as the foundation for Bangkok Project Studio’s award-winning designs and founder Boonserm Premthada’s drive to creating projects that are aimed to improve the lives of the underprivileged.

Over the years, the firm’s idea of “poetics in architecture” has seeped through every project in its portfolio, earning it international recognition. Most recently it has added a new socially significant piece dubbed The Artisans Ayutthaya: The Women Restaurant, a collection of five wood-framed triangular buildings made of glass blocks. Each building has a combined area of 310 square meters. Its glass bricks match up with timber and PVC panels, carrying lesser weight and costs than what glass sheets would bring. 

Since they border the riverbank, the glass-studded buildings are wrapped with sling ropes that cross over the doors and windows to weather the strong winds rushing over the river. Thanks to its glass-adorned design, the finely crafted buildings shimmer throughout the day and glow like beacons at night. Though simple and unfussy, the building’s design highlights the use of leftover and commonly found materials through a pragmatic style. 

Overall, the restaurant was inspired by the local food culture and the community’s strong bonds, and was a crafted commission for Soraya Vistisopa who also owns the Wine Ayutthaya, a wine bar project designed by Bangkok Project Studio and set up right next to The Artisans Ayutthaya. 

Alongside the Wine Autthaya, The Artisans Ayutthaya is a beautiful restaurant set north of Bangkok and promotes sustainable architecture, community values, and timeless local traditions that tie in with good food. 

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