Benilde Open Design + Art 2024 Allows You To Embrace the CURIOUS Mindset

June 3, 2024



Rick Formalejo

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde has launched the inaugural Benilde Open Design + Art 2024, an extraordinary event celebrating creativity, innovation, and artistic excellence. In collaboration with De La Salle University and the Embassy of Switzerland, this exhibit showcases a diverse array of works from selected artists and designers who were awarded a Php 300,000 grant to realize their unique projects.

Showcasing Visionary Artists and Designers

From an impressive pool of 324 proposals, only 27 exceptional projects were chosen to participate in the exhibition. The grantees represent a broad spectrum of creative disciplines. Among the distinguished participants are renowned artists such as Nice Buenaventura and Costantino Zicarelli, RJ Fernandez, Lyra Garcellano, Aaron Kaiser Garcia, Rambie Lim, Gabe Mercado, Lala Monserrat in collaboration with Russ Ligtas, Geric Cruz and Jazel Kristin, Issay Rodriguez, Mikayla Teodoro, Michael Vea, and Errol Balcos. Their works push the boundaries of contemporary art and design, offering fresh perspectives and innovative solutions.

Developing Puppetry in the Philippines by Mikayla Teodoro

Baluy Manghagdaway by Errol Balcos

Exploring the Use of Silk Weaving by Rambie Lim

Polymer and Palm (Excerpts of the Tropikalye Index) by Nice Buenaventura and Costantino Zicarelli

Celebrating the Best of Benilde

In addition to the Benilde Open, the exhibition features the Best of Benilde category, which highlights 17 remarkable projects by Benilde students. These young creatives also received grants and full curatorial support to bring their ideas to life. The talented students include Louisa Ray Cagaligen, Xandrix Antaso Corpuz Jr, Danielle Cusi, Asia Entico, Gela Mae C. Gamil, Veronica Landig, Pia Maghirang, Earl John Marquez, Rexcel Cariaga and Dars Juson, Camille Jay Pinton, Brian Ilustrisimo Razon, Jonas Roque, Shane Mariel Figuerra, Charles Cedric Quianzon, John Patrick Pascua, Maria Abigail Uson, Akira Watanabe, Liezel Ann Nierves, Glaeor Magne Dominguez, Mariana Julian Bernal with faculty mentor Alejandro Hector Reyes, Jasmine Fiona Tan, and Jasmila Clarisse San. Their projects span various mediums, including video, textiles, puppetry, visual art, apps, augmented reality, sculpture, photography, and software, showcasing the breadth of talent and creativity within the Benilde community.

The Kid in Me by Jamila San

Re-move: Unravelling Truths Behind the Spectacle of Indigenous Exposition through Contemporary Performance Lens by Aaron Kaiser Garcia

Exploring Diverse Artistic Mediums

The exhibition offers visitors a chance to explore a wide range of artistic expressions and innovative mediums. From thought-provoking videos and intricate textiles to immersive augmented reality experiences and interactive software, the works on display highlight the endless possibilities of art and design. Each project reflects the unique vision and creative prowess of its creator, inviting viewers to engage with new ideas and perspectives.

Cosmic Garden by Issay Rodriguez

Spotlight on Filipino Sign Language (FSL) Literature by Michael Vea

Featuring Heidi Bucher’s Masterpieces

Adding an international dimension to the exhibit, the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (MCAD) Manila is hosting works by the celebrated Swiss artist Heidi Bucher (1926-1993). The exhibit, titled “Heidi Bucher: and pull yesterday into today,” arrived in Manila following successful runs in Seoul and Beijing. Bucher is famous for her innovative use of materials and exploration of memory and transformation, offering a compelling counterpoint to the contemporary pieces in the Benilde Open.

Heidi Bucher: and pull yesterday into today

Benilde Open Design + Art 2024 is not just an exhibition; it is a vibrant cultural event offering a rich program of public talks, workshops, and activities. Highlights include a discussion on Heidi Bucher’s legacy featuring her sons Indigo and Mayo Bucher, as well as fireside chats on topics such as creative courage, grant proposal writing, women in design and architecture, and industry insights. The Benilde Open grantees and Best of Benilde students will also lead sessions on puppetry, psychogeography, performance, fashion, and board games. Additionally, Benilde faculty will conduct workshops on printmaking, prosthetics, intellectual property, and lesson plan design, open to all students, faculty, and non-Benildeans.

Benilde Open Design + Art 2024 and Best of Benilde exhibitions are open to the public until June 30, 2024, across multiple venues at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde – School of Design + Arts (SDA) Campus, MCAD Manila, and the Hub for Innovation. Free guided tours are available every 20 minutes from the SDA campus lobby, offering an insightful look into the works on display.

Photos courtesy of Benilde Open Design and Arts

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