Styling-On-A-Budget Is No Big Deal In This Rental Condo

February 15, 2018



Denny Mata

At 25 square meters, this rental condo has all the essentials for condo living. Bryan, the owner, who works full-time in Dubai, made sure he gets the most out of his third real estate investment (the first two were purchased as his home when in the country). So he called up his friend and architect Kenneth Surat to help him dress up the unit to appeal to potential renters. Bryan asked for Kenneth’s help knowing his design background as an architect. Bryan trusted Kenneth with the interiors because it was the architect’s forte and he liked Kenneth’s minimalist approach to design. With the limited space and budget, Kenneth made the rental condo into a breathable space with enough room for the future tenant to entertain guests and relax on his or her days off. No major construction was made, but Kenneth spruced up the space with accessories. Kenneth left the kitchen counter (to the left, upon entry) and the bathroom (to the right) as is because of budget constraints, plus the unit is brand new anyway. He did style the dining area, next to the kitchen, with mixed and matched dining table and chairs. Opposite the dining is the living area that Kenneth decorated with framed photographs of scenes from Venice. Two ottomans are placed in the living area to double as coffee tables and extra seating. The furniture is kept simple to balance out with the patterned and printed accessories. A fold-out divider is placed between the living area and the bed area to truly give the bed space an illusion of privacy. The divider also allows light to fill the room when folded, especially when the window by the bed is the only source of natural light in the unit. The bed area features an airy cabinet that also doubles as a bedside table. This creates more space for storage for limited spaces like this rental condo. The unit also has a great view of the Ortigas skyline that future renters can enjoy. “Condos like this are usually very budget,” shares the architect. But don’t forget that a limited budget doesn’t automatically equal to low quality space with no style. Kenneth shares that the trick is sourcing from different department store racks and mixing and matching everything together.   This story first appeared on CondoLiving December 2017-January 2018. Edits were made for

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