La Union is home to a handful of establishments that portray the warm and zen lifestyle of surf town communities. Laid-back coffee shops and restaurants huddle in the area. The first to build a concept store along the strip of Santa Rosa De Lima, La Union is Troy and Lala. Their passion to give back to the community that graciously welcomed them paved the way for Burt Select Shop. Situated in a peaceful neighborhood of locals and resettlers, the minimalist shop aims to share the ease of mindful living.

Burt is the three-dimensional projection of the work that we are doing internally—to become mindful, conscious, aware, and seek truth through space, objects, and time.

The owners, both with a degree in architecture, designed the 40 square meter space in parallel with their minimalist lifestyle. The shop’s aesthetics of neutral tone, natural materials, and uncluttered design hopes to connect the store and its visitors. By eliminating visual noise, the guests can focus on what the space offers.

The humble facade and unassuming front window often incite curiosity that leads their guest to enter Burt Select Shop. Remnants of the old bakery that first occupied the space add character to the whole architecture. Nature’s music greets the visitor along with the earthy smell of burning incense, a humble experience that yearns for genuine connection. The owners respond to guest inquiries through authentic conversations, sometimes over coffee.

“Burt is an exploration of letting go of the notion that architecture is all about the execution of the physicality of it. We believe that physical and non-physical should be in harmony to influence the users and achieve a successful design.”

Troy Ventura and Lala Llanes

Burt Select Shop’s clean interiors make the customers feel unrestrained and free to explore the space, experience the furniture, and appreciate the craftsmanship of every item. It is designed in a home-style environment, a place where people can connect on a deeper level. Pieces of furniture are placed where they can create a conversation, similar to how people accept friends in their home.

They sell furniture and approachable brands that resonate with them. Muji-style pieces and sustainable zero-waste products are a staple in the shop. Burt’s philosophy is reflected through thrift or pre-loved items that may serve a purpose in someone else’s home. The interior pieces constantly change depending on what they currently sell.

The owners envision the shop to be more than a retail space. They understand that objects, function, people, and architecture are all impermanent and will evolve through time. Existing for only half a year, the store has already built meaningful relationships. They continuously aim for Burt to be a safe space that builds genuine connections between the visitors, the owners, and the shop. A boundless value that grows through time.

Photo credits: JB Estrada, Burt Select Shop

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