Casa Monstera: Obra De Amor

December 13, 2021



Caresa Lou Magno

Positioned on top of a hill, surrounded by forest, is where Jen and Daniel’s 500 sqm island house called Casa Monstera was formed. It has 2 floors with large windows that make the lush greenery included in their home. The concrete walls, floor-to-ceiling glass windows, and wood accents make it the perfect example of a modern tropical minimalist house.

Jennifer Fernandez wasn’t a fan of the ocean. “I am a Colombian city girl, but I love the mountains” she stated. However, her Spanish partner Daniel Alfaro loves the sea and the calm that it offers. He travelled to Asia a lot. He would always visit the Philippines and has envisioned himself creating a home in the country. It was only after a few months of living in Siargao that Jen agreed to acquire a land. Building the house was no easy feat for them. Jen recalls, they would go to the construction site and supervise the workers from 8 am to 5 pm to be sure that everything was going as planned. They would even help them mix cement to save up on labor costs. She understands that their hard-earned money must not be put to waste. After all the tough grind and labor of love from both of them the house was finished in less than 2 years.

Their respect for the environment is worth noting. They incorporated the trees into their retreat. The unique aspect of this structure is that, instead of utilizing every inch of the property, some parts of the land remained untouched. Even though made of concrete, there is a certain warmth to the house. It makes you feel you are one with nature. They worked around the flora and fauna. Just look at the big tree that cuts through their concrete floor and up through their roof.

For an in-depth description and closer photos of Casa Monstera, click on the link to BluPrint’s latest e-mag anniversary vol. 3 issue.

Photos courtesy of Summer Puertollano

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