Types Of Ceiling: What You Need To Know About Them

February 9, 2016



Razel Estrella

It is for a fact that the ceiling is arguably the least among homeowners’ concerns.

A well-designed and constructed ceiling is essential in completing your home’s overall look. Given the right materials, a ceiling can enhance the theme you are going for.
Here are the most common ceiling materials, as well as reliable alternatives to guide you on shopping for ceilings.
What are the types of ceiling?

Drywall – Also known as Plasterboard, Drywall is made from a mineral called gypsum. They are usually water and fire-resistant. It comes in various textures to choose from and is quite low-cost and easy to install. Plus, its smooth and hard surface makes applying paint effortless.

Wood – Wood is still the favorite for its strength and the hominess it naturally brings to any structure. For centuries, wood is still being used as a main laying foundation for some houses.

Metal – Due to its durability and flexibility, metal ceiling systems have been the material of choice by many commercial designs. With tin and copper as the most commonly used types, metal is often used as pre-existing ceiling to cover pipes and other unsightly objects. A minor downside to metal is that it is a little challenging to cut.

Plastic – Usually made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or other plastic materials, plastic is inexpensive, plastics are easy to work with and has a different set various finishes.

Acoustical materials – In controlling the noise levels in a room, acoustic ceiling materials can be a good help. These are usually composed of fiberglass, mineral fibers, wood, metal, and even recycled articles.

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