Chef Sabrina Artadi’s Bohemian Home Is Ideal For Cooking, Parties, and Relaxing!

April 26, 2018



Pat Herbolario

“This is not a house for the rich,” claims Chef Sabrina Artadi. Her home is not posh or too polished. Located on a corner lot, it is a Bohemian home that fuses cultures together in a happy space. “When you have all the money in the world, it’s much harder. When you’re faced with a restricted space and a limited budget, you’re forced to zero in on the practical aspects,” Chef Sabrina.
bohemian home, Chef Sabrina Artadi
The chef loves mixing cultures in her home. Rendering her a space that is bohemian and eclectic. In the dining and kitchen, the crowning glory of the space is the Moroccan-inspired drop lights that inject a pop of color and depth to the space.
bohemian home, Chef Sabrina Artadi
The chef’s weapons (pots and pans) hang gloriously above the kitchen island. The island doubles as an entertaining space for when guests come over. Stainless steel were ideal as they are more sanitary and workable surfaces in the kitchen.  The wooden beams framing the door add a contrast to the metal in the kitchen.
bohemian home, Chef Sabrina Artadi
Fond of DIYs, Sabrina had her coffee table in the lanai DIY-ed. Made of Mactan stone sits on wooden legs taken from the old home’s original beams. Her free-spirited character is best conveyed in each curated space is made of of unexpected vintage finds from impulsive trips to thrift stores. From Filipino dining sets to Moroccan-inspired lamps, to Arabian wall-decor and African-patterns, Sabrina is able to bring home a piece of the world with her and display it in her marvelous home.
bohemian home, Chef Sabrina Artadi
The first thing Sabrina did to the house upon purchasing it was to convert an entire row of windows into open walkways. “When looking at small properties, you have to open walls and allow spaces to face the garden so you won’t feel too cooped-up.”

“I want both my family and my guests to enjoy, without having to think about staining this or that,” shares the chef. “This is life for me. Practicality and character are what matters most to me.”

Some of her pillow covers are recycled from old Persian rugs, adding an eco-friendly touch to this bohemian home. She cites that the rugs would be a waste to throw, so she had them upcycled instead.
bohemian home, Chef Sabrina Artadi
Aside from cooking, Sabrina also has a hand for painting. Displayed across the house are personal creations of the owner that remind her of fond memories.
bohemian home, Chef Sabrina Artadi
Originally painted in white and gold, the frame of this French-inspired chaise lounge was scraped to highlight the natural texture. She had it reupholstered in an animal-print fabric to give it a modern look.
bohemian home, Chef Sabrina Artadi
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