Spontaneous Sleepover? Get Your Condo Ready in a Flash!

February 9, 2018



Pat Herbolario

Spontaneous sleepovers are always fun when you do it at a friend’s house but not when it’s at your topsy-turvy place. We understand your breaking into a cold sweat, because we know how stressful it is to tidy up in such a short notice. So here are 6 condo sleepover tips to make your space crash-ready!

Have a Sleeping Bed Ready

If you feel like you’ll have guests over often, consider getting a pull-out bed or a sofa bed so your guests won’t need to couch crash with you. Making your guests sleep on your couch is not only uncomfortable for them it is also bad for your couch, it can cause uneven lumps on the seat.

Fresh Linens are Non-Negotiable

Bed sheets protect both your mattress and your friend that’s sleeping over. Set aside a set of bedding linens solely for sleepovers, so you won’t need to share yours. Read: How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs and FINALLY Keep Them Out

Have Lidded Boxes on Standby

If you’ve thrown all your clothes on your bed this morning just to find that perfect outfit-of-the-day and left them in their crumpled state until you get home—this time with your barkada coming over—lidded boxes are going to be your ultimate besties. Just throw all your clothes in the box, don’t bother folding them up. Because, you know, your friends might be arriving anytime. You can also do this with the other items cluttering your unit. Store the boxes in a cabinet or shelf, or stack them up on one side. Bonus tip: Use decorative or neutral-colored lidded boxes (or baskets!) in varying sizes so they tie up with your condo’s design aesthetics. 4 Clean Up Quickly Sweep the floors bit and wipe surfaces while you’re at it. Double check the bathroom if you need to restock some tissue or hand soap.

5 Refresh your Condo with Home Scents

If you aren’t the messy type, you can get down to refreshing your place before your friends come over. Light your scented candles, take out your diffuser sticks, or let your essential oils fill the air. These home scents shoo away the bad odor that was trapped in your condo while you’ve been out the whole day. They also make you seem like you’ve prepared a lot when you didn’t, really.

6 Expect the Unexpected

Always anticipate for sleepovers, especially on weekends, paydays, and holidays. Also, try to minimize your clutter or dispose your garbage right away to avoid stinking your unit, and wash your dishes right after use or at least rinse off any leftovers.

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