Connecting Philippine Music to The World: Meet The Billboard Philippines Team

July 27, 2023



Rick Formalejo

Music and architecture, two artistic expressions that have an impact on human emotions and experiences. The two art forms have profound connections that one may realize. They are both brought together by rhythm, harmony, and structure. These elements engage our senses and shape our perceptions of space and time. 

Music also inspires many architects and designers to create beautiful and innovative built environments. The most anticipated arrival of Billboard Philippines offers a new avenue to keep space makers updated in the music scene and stay inspired. 

Set to launch in October 2023 with Modern Media Group Inc. (MMGI) under AGC Power Holdings Corp. (AGC PHC), Billboard Philippines announces its pioneering editorial team composed of familiar faces in the local music scene. 

The prestigious music platform aims to be the media authority that connects Filipino music with the world. It also sets itself as a dedicated source that will bring positive and collaborative change to the industry.

To spearhead this mission, Billboard Philippines introduces four exceptional individuals to amplify the power of Original Pinoy Music (OPM) namely: Bret Jackson, Kiko Reyes, Paolo Valenciano, and Anton Molina.

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Bret Jackson, Editor-in-Chief

Leading the editorial team of Billboard Philippines is Bret Jackson, taking the role of Editor-in-Chief (EIC). Before landing the editorship, Jackson was co-founder of independent record label Paraisla and the production house 7640. He has lived as an artist, producer, an entrepreneur, and an enthusiast, with everything in between.

Music has always been at the core of his multifaceted career spanning production, management, and enterprise. He is an artist who has composed songs since his teenage years. He is also a producer, an entrepreneur, and an all-around enthusiast who has experienced just about everything in between.

A Filipino at heart, Jackson spent most of his life in the country after moving from America to Dumaguete when he was 13. With music as his first love, he explored the sound of OPM. He traveled around the Philippines and collaborated with artists from the metro and even far-flung provinces. He witnessed the boundless talent of Filipinos. 

“Hearing their stories really instilled in me a relentless feeling to want to do more for the people and places I loved. This led to becoming a full-time student of the Filipino music industry,” he narrated. 

As EIC, he shares that the title’s very goal is to be impartial and celebrate Filipino music in all forms – every island in the Philippines and every Filipino worldwide who are making waves will be given a spotlight. For Jackson, it’s a matter of rising above the noise and providing an avenue for talent. This is where Billboard Philippines comes in. Under his leadership, Filipino music will have an ally to help reach its full potential.

Kiko Reyes, Editor-At-Large

Known as a guitarist for Filipino rock band The Dawn, Kiko Reyes joins the fold as Editor-At-Large. The respected musician has cemented his legacy as a composer, arranger, and writer with an oeuvre that has stood the test of time.

Fitting for his new title, Reyes will take the reins of storytelling for Billboard Philippines.

“The Philippine music landscape is healthy and diverse, encompassing countless scenes, communities, tastes, and perspectives. Billboard Philippines will hopefully be able to reflect, report, and create a roadmap of sorts for all audiences — local AND international — as a resource. It won’t be easy, but we are excited to take on the challenges and help celebrate the triumphs of Philippine music,” he shares.

Paolo Valenciano, Executive Producer

In-demand concert and event director Paolo Valenciano joins the team as Executive Producer. His foray into music comes with a decade of expertise directing major shows for stars like Bamboo, Sarah Geronimo, Sandara Park, and Sharon Cuneta, among others.

Recently, he has directed two of 2022’s biggest concerts: Ben&Ben’s homecoming concert and the Eraserheads reunion. His trained musicality, matched with an eagerness to take risks allows him to push the limits of what can be done both onstage and off.

“I am so thrilled to be a part of such an iconic brand like Billboard. I’ve always believed that our local acts deserve to be on a global stage and this new era of Billboard Philippines will give our artists even more opportunities to be seen and heard,” he expresses.

Anton Molina, Podcast Producer

Heading the podcast production that will feature Billboard’s artists is veteran radio DJ and audio production head Anton Molina.

Having employed the airwaves as a talent and production member, he has grasped the auditory medium through a broad perspective. Especially with the podcast platform under his hands, fans and followers will be able to explore not just music, but also the stories behind the lives of artists. 

“I envision the brand to be a home for the latest in the local music stage and to be a place wherein a lot of fans discover artists or rediscover their love for other artists,” he states. 

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