Connecting to The New Modern: PJ Almera of ACIIID on Future of Trends

December 5, 2021



Maria Rebecca Abaya

Patrick James Almera, or PJ for short, is an interdisciplinary designer, architect, and trend forecaster based in Manila. He is also currently the Founder and Trend Director of ACIIID Trend Lab. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde – School of Design & Arts in 2015. He also took up a Certificate Course in Advanced Interior Styling at SoFA Design Institute. From 2018 to 2019, he studied in Milan, Italy at the Istituto Marangoni – Milano Design School with the course, Master in Contemporary Interior Design. And last 2020, PJ attended the Master Certificate Course – Forecast Trends like a Futurist at the Trend Atelier – Geraldine Wharry School of Future Forecasting, which is based in London, United Kingdom. As a man of many talents, aside from ACIIID, PJ is also the principal designer of STUDIO ALMERA and he also serves as a Part-Time Educator in both SoFA Design Institute and De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde for the Architecture program.

ACIIID is the abbreviation of A Contemporary of Inspirational, Influential, and Interdisciplinary Designers. As described on their website, ACIIID Trend Lab is a design platform that positively infects people’s minds, changing their perception of design through the method of curated research, analysis, and inspiration. PJ has always been an advocate of innovation, equality, and self-care. His career manifesto is centered on augmenting lifestyles and influencing change in society.

Our main pursuit is to elevate the understanding and perception of design values within an inclusive community where sharing of knowledge and inspirations become the new normal.”


From ACIIID’s contribution to BluPrint’s Vol.2 2021 E-Mag, Emo(tiva)tions

Il Viso Del Mondo by Richard Yasmine
This beautiful chair designed by Andrés Reisinger & Júlia Esqué gives a perfect example of phygital design with the introduction of visually comforting bubble-like shape and a psychologically enticing bloom of hortensia flower.
Sonora Art Village is inspired by works of Ricardo Bofill and Luis Barragan,
Il Viso Del Mondo by Richard Yasmine
Stairway House by Nendo

Emo(tiva)tions is an original concept we formulated in ACIIID. The emergence of this trend was caused by contemporary change and amplified habits of people driven by their emotions,” shares PJ.

Happening in just a few days is BluPrint’s Webinar, Connecting to the New Modern. PJ Almera would enlighten the audience on the importance of being aware of the various trends and forecasts in the industry of design. The effects of the ever-evolving world on humanity and its relationship to the environment will also be discussed. It’s also vital to discover new concepts, materials, and technological advances that are driven by various factors which can impact the future of design in the next year. To also understand the possible disruptive drivers in the pandemic era that can give a renewed vision on how to approach design in the environment. This also can help gear elements into creations that are commercially viable, aesthetically pleasing, and add value to people’s lives.

Join Arch. PJ Almera, a Manila-based architect, founder, trend director, and creative director of ACIID Trend Lab, in his talk entitled “Future of Trends: Disruptive Drivers and How It Will Affect Design Trends of 2022”.


January 27-28, 2022, From 3pm-5pm

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