We are looking for a variety of typologies to include in the book! So It would be a good idea to check in from time to time to know who’s doing what.

Former BluPrint editor Paulo Alcazaren, for example, says he will contribute a plan for a green and walkable Liwasang Bonifacio area, which includes the grand old Metropolitan Theater by Juan Arellano and the Central Post Office by Tomas Mapua and Arellano.

Arkisens, whose office is in Marikina, wants to design a bicycle-friendly waterfront development by the Marikina-Pasig floodway, which they envision to host dragon boat races and other water sports. AIDEA and Carlo Calma want to design vertical farms in the middle of the city. MAAW, “a government center for others.” ECT+A wants to do a heritage district—we hope they do Escolta!

Here’s an initial list, which we will be updating every week: