Curate Your Own Faucets: A Designer’s Dream

January 26, 2016



Nicole Rivera

When furnishing and finishing a home, a lot of us find it difficult to select pieces that reflect our personal and very individual visions. There’s a lot to consider: how pieces look individually, how they fit in to the rest of your space, and of course, functionality. Julie Kober, Kohler Faucets’ product manager, perfectly describes the feeling of balancing all three: “there’s this undeniable thrill that comes with discovering a piece that resonates with your design aesthetic…
Faucets are especially difficult to personalize because function takes precedence—they’re first and foremost utilitarian pieces. Despite this, Artifacts—Kohler’s new bathroom faucet collection—defies the notion that there’s only so much you can do with bathroom fixtures. Artifacts lets you mix and match from a selection of spouts, handles, finishes, and accessories. With turn-of-the-century charm as its inspiration, the collection has a timeless feel that fits well into both classic and more current home aesthetics.

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