BLANCO, the premium provider for kitchen water solutions known for its German engineering excellence, has announced the grand opening of its new showroom space at the Dexterton Bonifacio Global City Showroom. This collaboration with Dexterton Corporation showcases BLANCO’s commitment to bringing stylish and functional kitchen solutions to the Filipino market.

A New Space for BLANCO

BLANCO’s SILGRANIT® sinks, renowned worldwide for their elegant designs and durability, are a highlight of the new showroom. These sinks, part of the customizable BLANCO UNIT, combine seamlessly with mixer taps, waste organization systems, and accessories to offer a comprehensive solution for modern kitchens.

BLANCO showroom
BLANCO showroom
BLANCO showroom
BLANCO showroom
BLANCO showroom

“BLANCO is a renowned kitchen water place specialist, offering a system solution designed to elevate the functionality and aesthetics of domestic kitchens,” said Lars Myrup, Managing Director at BLANCO APAC. “The BLANCO UNIT is synonymous with functional systems in complementary designs, from SILGRANIT sinks to mixer taps and waste separation systems. BLANCO resonates with a diverse customer base in Asia due to its commitment to quality, innovation, and versatility, adapting its products to suit various culinary traditions and lifestyle preferences.”

The new showroom invites visitors to experience the perfect blend of style and practicality that characterizes contemporary Filipino kitchens. Showcasing BLANCO UNITs in new colors like volcano grey and soft white, alongside finishes like satin gold and black matt, the space offers a rich palette for customers seeking a sophisticated look for their kitchen.

BLANCO showroom
BLANCO showroom

In addition to the elegant SILGRANIT sinks and high-end mixer taps, BLANCO introduces its innovative food waste disposer (FWD), providing a sustainable solution for managing organic waste. This addition reflects BLANCO’s dedication to eco-friendly practices, promoting a cleaner, more efficient kitchen environment.

“At BLANCO, the design process is driven by a pursuit of excellence and a deep understanding of consumer needs. Each product undergoes rigorous research, development, and testing to ensure it not only meets but exceeds expectations,” Myrup explained. “Our waste disposal systems integrate smart storage solutions and efficient waste management technologies, promoting sustainability and efficiency in the kitchen.”

Design Excellence and Sustainability Focus

BLANCO’s ability to stay ahead of design trends is another factor that sets it apart. “We engage in extensive trendspotting activities, continuously monitoring international trend portals and industry forecasts to stay ahead of the curve,” Myrup said. “Our designers develop products that reflect the latest trends while possessing a timeless quality. With new shades in our SILGRANIT color palette and expanded options for mixer taps, we offer consumers the freedom to create kitchen spaces that reflect individual tastes and needs.”

Lars Myrup
Lars Myrup, Managing Director at BLANCO APAC

Sustainability is a core component of BLANCO’s product design and corporate philosophy. “Our waste organization bins and food waste disposers, like the FWD, provide sustainable solutions for managing organic waste,” Myrup noted. “These systems promote hygiene, reduce odors, and lower landfill waste, enhancing kitchen cleanliness and environmental responsibility.”

Looking to the future, BLANCO is focusing on integrating smart technology into its products. “We are developing mixer taps with touchless controls and drinking systems with connectivity features,” Myrup shared. “Additionally, we are expanding our range of color finishes and configurations to allow customers to create bespoke kitchen spaces that suit their unique needs.”

During the launch of BLANCO’s showroom space, Studio Ong talked about how they designed Inato’s restaurant, particularly how they used BLANCO’s products in the kitchen.

Consistency in the brand experience is ensured through close collaboration with partners like Dexterton Corporation. “We work together to ensure our customers have access to comprehensive information and support, enhancing their confidence in the brand,” Myrup emphasized.

BLANCO also prioritizes the functionality and safety of kitchens for families with children. “Our products, such as safe filtered water mixer taps and durable, easy-clean SILGRANIT sinks, are engineered to meet the needs of busy families,” Myrup said. “Our waste organization systems streamline recycling efforts, teaching children the importance of sustainability. Our commitment to quality ensures that our kitchen fixtures are safe and reliable for all family members.”

“At BLANCO, we are dedicated to offering system solutions for the water place in domestic kitchens,” Myrup concluded. “We are delighted to unveil our new showroom space at Dexterton BGC, where customers can get inspired to individualize their BLANCO UNITs and experience firsthand the quality, innovation, and design excellence that BLANCO is known for.”

The BLANCO showroom at Dexterton Bonifacio Global City is now open to the public. Visitors are encouraged to explore the latest kitchen solutions and discover the perfect fit for their homes.

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Photos Courtesy of Dexterton Corporation

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