Ever feel overwhelmed with decorating your space? With new trends constantly emerging, it’s hard to choose a single style. But here’s the secret: your home should reflect YOU, not a passing fad. Let’s focus on creating a space that sparks joy! Dopamine decorating liberates you from the pressures of mainstream designs and leaves it all to your happy hormones to spruce up your home.

Dopamine as a Hormone and Decoration

Dopamine Decorating: Creating a Free and Happy Ambiance at Home.
Photo by Steph Wilson

Before we delve deeper into the creative side of this playful trend, let’s first explore its scientific aspect. 

Dopamine is known as the “feel-good hormone.” It transmits and releases chemical impulses causing a sense of pleasure, reward, and motivation. Dopamine release is usually the result of simple survival behaviors like eating and drinking. But now, even home decorating contributes to trigger this addictive joyful feeling. 

So, dopamine decorating basically consists of any furnishing or decorative detail that personally sparks delight and happiness in you. There’s no textbook look for adopting this style as it’s about going all out in incorporating vibrant colors, clashing galore, and designs you truly enjoy. Since it varies from person to person, happiness in space can take any form and the design possibilities are limitless. 

Origins and Psychology

Dopamine Decorating: Creating a Free and Happy Ambiance at Home.
Photo by Kate Darmondy

Dopamine decorating originated from a fashion psychology concept called “dopamine dressing.” It began during the distressing pandemic years when people needed a dopamine boost. Similar to its interior design counterpart, this clothing style heavily prioritizes joy when picking a wardrobe. It heavily leans toward overstatement couture with personal symbolic value, and therefore brings the person joy when worn. 

According to interior designer Saniya Kantawala, dopamine decorating is also a trip down memory lane. Walls filled with posters of our favorite artists, perky over-the-bed signs, and corners crowded with collections defined the carefree bedroom we’ve outgrown. In a way, this decorating style fulfills our childhood longing for things that once made us happy. 

Whatever the objective may be, dopamine decorating gives you complete freedom to curate a home that instantly uplifts your spirit. 

How to Dopamine Decorate

Photo from Spacejoy

Although it creates a safe space to candidly express your happiness, there are a few considerations when dopamine decorating. Because they are prone to create a chaotic design outcome, here are a few tips to maintain a dopamine-inducing interior. 

Don’t be shy with colors

These days, every space needs a splash of color. Decorate it with your favorite hues and make it the star of the show. You can combine them with neutral bases to highlight the chosen color or make an eye-catching contrast by creating mixed color schemes. To make it more noticeable, apply it on negative spaces like walls, floors, and ceilings, or large furniture. For a more subtle approach, you can still up your dopamine levels with colorful book covers, pots, vases, and candles.

Organize your happy items

Dopamine decor allows you to freely incorporate all your dopamine-boosting home items anywhere you want. But it doesn’t mean you have to leave them cluttered. Arrange them in quirky styled shelves and cabinets, or make a wall gallery for things you always want to see. Not only do they make your space a juxtaposition between neat and frenzy, they also add visual interest and depth. 

Opt for sustainable decor

Since the goal is to make a personal mood-enhancing interior, decorate them with things you already have. Own your space by putting framed photos, vintage heirlooms, or retro items that evoke fond memories. And because the intention is to uplift your spirit every time you walk through your house, you can save yourself from hoarding impersonal items. Aside from developing thoughtful and intentional purchasing habits, you’ll also learn how to recycle and upcycle treasured antiques. 

Dopamine decor is more than just expressive items and styles to uplift your spirit. It is a creative freedom driven by positive emotions against confining established designs. It is a core principle that could be a stepping stone toward more personalized living spaces. So, if you’re tired of following design trends, do it your way and break the rules with happiness.

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