Ease Up in Home by Spacy Architecture

September 8, 2023



Shan Arcega

Home is all about finding the space where you can ease up, relax, and take a breather from the chaotic city’s bustle. For homes in the city, it is important to place residences in a space where life freely flows without the pressuring shadow of running time. In Bangkok, their quiet suburbs have residences like Home by Spacy Architecture and it’s the perfect example of peace and tranquility manifested.

In the evening, Home is a picturesque residence that seems to be painted into the landscape.
Greenery surrounds Homes, giving it a more natural look.

Expanding the Heart of Quiet

Spacy Architecture’s Home faces a lake across the internal road and pedestrians in the west. The building orientation meanwhile harmonizes with serene visual elements from the living space that’s open to nature. Its modern architecture has a mellow take and blends in with the outdoors, creating a natural shading that wraps around the house. Along with safety from the early afternoon sun, this shading gives the residence a cooler appearance. Everything visual flows at Home mostly due to the consistent use of low-key materials that make harmony among tranquil spaces. 

Expansive, transparent walls line the hallways, giving an abundance of natural light and natural ventilation.

The orchestrated ribboned windows at the front for example open up to native plants and address a strong rectilinear volumetric accent to the structure. Its open and transparent building skin meanwhile allows occupants and spaces to join with the greenery outside. 

A Flexible Open Floor Plan

Home’s ground level is simply enough, open. It accommodates different activities and functions for occupants to interact with each other and has a high ceiling that makes it feel as free as possible. Here, the common spaces–kitchen, living sofa, dining table, and study are all spatially connected. 

The connection between the common spaces makes socializing a lot easier an intimate.
Shades of brown balance the home’s quiet, giving it more warmth.
Clean and minimalist spaces fill Home.

Connecting with others is made just a little more novel thanks to views of the lake made visible by the expansive, transparent windows running along the west elevation. These give Home lots of natural ventilation while the interior curtains create privacy and control natural light according to specific space and time. To add more warmth to the space, Home makes use of customized oak wood furniture and sofas. While indirect light scatters across the house, peace is also clear in simplistic furniture and refined, clean spaces.

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A sketch of Home by Spacy Architecture.

Photos by Rungkit Charoenwat

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