These 5 Easy Lifestyle Changes Will Make Your Condo Eco-Friendly

March 15, 2018



Denny Mata

1  Switch to LED Lights

An eco-friendly condo has to have LED lights. These are the heroes in lighting now. Ditch your fluorescent and incandescent lamps or bulbs and switch to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which are more energy-efficient and has a longer lifespan of about 20 years. LEDs are more flexible (some LED options can be controlled through your phone) and cost-efficient, too! BONUS TIP:

Just take note that you should look at lumens, not watts. Lumen (lm) is the measurement of brightness that a bulb emits, which is used in LEDs. High wattage (W) does not necessarily mean high brightness. For comparison, a 60W incandescent lamp with a brightness of 800lm is comparable to only 8-12W LED lamp.

2  Choose Cloth Napkins and Shopping Bags

Using cloths like table napkins and shopping bags is another way to keep plastic from the landfill or the bottom of the ocean. Instead of using paper towels in the kitchen, choose a cloth material that is more absorbent, washable, and reusable. An eco-friendly condo avoids unnecessary waste at all costs. Not only does it save the environment, it also saves you from buying and stocking up on paper towels every month. Bring cloth shopping bags whenever you go to the grocery or the mall. Not only are these cloth bags more stylish than the plastic supermarket bags, they’re also eco-friendly and more durable.

3   Have A Smart HVAC System

When you’re living in a tropical country, HVAC or heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning should be on your list of priorities. But you have to be smart about it, because not all ACs are made energy-efficient, environmental-friendly, and customized to your needs. Although that may be the case, some HVAC companies are getting more conscious about the environmental effects their products have. For instance, from the window-type ACs from years ago, inverter-types have been introduced with innovative energy-saving and eco-friendly features.

Daikin is one company that pushes for more products like this, that is their R32 Inverter. Aiming to reduce CO2 emissions by their products, Daikin identified R32 as a very beneficial refrigerant for single and multi-split type ACs. R32 has the highest cooling power, zero ozone potential, and lowest global warming potential versus other refrigerants in the market.

4  Clean With Natural Products

If you can’t commit to going organic with your food and beverage, at least go natural with your cleaning products. This isn’t only because it’s good for the environment, but it is also good for you. Most non-natural cleaning products are a concoction of harsh chemicals that can be absorbed by the skin or breathed in by the person using them, not to mention the lingering scent that the young ones can breathe in! With natural products, you’re sure the solution is pure, gentle and safer. Natural cleaning products are also less expensive (you can even make your own solution at home) and with no strong-smelling chemicals. Read More: Six Ways to Clean Your Living Room with Baking Soda

5  Adopt Your Grandma’s Antiques

Instead of buying brand new dishes and other kitchen supplies, bench or sofa, and even clothes, support the sustainable movement that’s been spreading all over the globe. It’s not about being “in” it’s about being cost-efficient and caring for the environment. Adopting your grandma’s antiques means you won’t need to shell out money to buy new ones. Besides that, the pieces you inherit from your lola already has character which will make them great conversation starters, and a perfect way to preserve your family’s heritage.  

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