Elevating to the Skies: MYS Khaoyai Hotel in Thailand

September 18, 2023



Shan Arcega

Being exposed to nature has several good physical and emotional effects on people. What more if you’re constantly surrounded by it in a place where relaxation is the main point? In Thailand, the MYS Khaoyai Hotel by architecture firm Urban Praxis is designed to highlight the ‘Elevated Ground Floor’ experience. The hotel is located in the middle of the Khao Yai National Park, merging with the park’s lush greenery and giving the guests a constant and fulfilling view experience with nature. 

The MYS Khaoyai Hotel in Tambon Mu Si, Thailand is an example of innovative engineering within a limited space.
Each room is designed in a stacked pattern to avoid overtaking nature.

Stacked Around Nature

Due to regulations, there have been space restraints when building the hotel but this didn’t stop the team from being innovative with their outputs. To maximize the space, every room in MYS Khaoyai Hotel is designed as a stacked luxurious cabin with green balconies. These rooms are extra spacious and feature a living area, en-suite bathroom, balcony, and most importantly, the presence of trees. 

Each room in the hotel has floor-to-ceiling windows, opening the room to nature.
The luxurious bathroom also has beautiful views of the outdoors.

The Sky Pool

The MYS Khaoyao Hotel’s highlight isn’t just the stacking design but it’s more the nine-meter-long transparent swimming pool that doubles as the hotel reception’s ceiling. When lounging in the pool, guests are offered stunning panoramic views and a sense of being more one with nature thanks to the transparent pool walls. To add a little bit of excitement to the design, the pool is cantilevered, twisting up into the sky. 

The Sky Pool has minimizing columns and was designed with advice from structural engineers and aquarium designers, Reynolds.

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The Sky Pool’s cantilevered design makes it look like it’s reaching towards the sky.

Photos courtesy of SkyGround Architectural Film & Photography

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