4 Reasons to Hate and 3 Reasons to Love The Entryway Kitchen Layout

March 7, 2018



Denny Mata

1. Your unit’s entry has no foyer or “buffer-zone”

2. Your have to move out of the way as guests arrive while you’re preparing dinner

3. Making your kitchen double as an area where you put on and take off your shoes, which can be extremely unsanitary

4. You welcome your guests with the aroma of whatever it is you’re cooking, bagoong and tuyo anyone?

However, an entryway kitchen still has its pros. It’s actually not that bad especially when you’re trying to fit in a 16 to 25 square meter unit.

1/ Maximizing Space

Having an entryway kitchen layout is a great way to save a few square inches of your unit’s total floor area. This is one way to set the kitchen apart from the main space minus the struggle in creating a separate room in such a small apartment.

2/ Instant Surface

If you’re still not keen on this entryway kitchen layout, think of heavy grocery bags and having to tread across your unit just to get to the kitchen area to drop the bags off. With this type of layout, you only need to open the main door and drop your groceries on the countertop.

3/ Quickie Counter

This layout also becomes a personal “drive-thru” for people who are always on the go. Quickly make breakfast, snack, or lunch, pack it, then go. Besides, if you can’t even squeeze in food prep before you get out of your condo, you can easily grab an apple or bread as you go when you have the entryway-kitchen layout.

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