Experience Innovation and Elegance: Valcucine Showroom Opens in Rockwell, Makati

May 28, 2024



Rick Formalejo

Modularity Home, renowned for its premium brands including Valcucine, Scavolini, Pianca, Albed, and Fontana Arte, continues to elevate the home-building experience with luxurious and synergized living spaces. Upholding a mission to provide clients with high-end products and reliable service, Modularity Home has now unveiled the Valcucine Makati showroom at The Proscenium, Rockwell, Makati, seven years after introducing Valcucine to the Philippines.

Valcucine by Modularity Home
Modularity Home
 Modularity Home

Valcucine, synonymous with luxury and functionality in modern kitchen design, showcases its brand values at the Makati showroom through a seamless blend of design and function, advanced technology in kitchen modules, and a pioneering use of glass in its arrangements. The showroom is a testament to Valcucine’s commitment to innovative and sophisticated kitchen solutions.

Unique Customization Process And Collaboration

Designer Budji Layug shared what he likes about Valcucine and why it’s one of his trusted brands.

A standout feature of the Valcucine Makati showroom is Vitrum Arte, which highlights a unique customization process involving a high-tech wood inlay technique rooted in traditional craftsmanship. This method allows for the creation of intricate and personalized designs, ensuring each kitchen is not only functional but also a work of art. The introduction of Vitrum Arte in the Makati showroom underscores Valcucine’s dedication to combining aesthetic beauty with practical utility.

To celebrate the showroom’s opening, Modularity Home and Valcucine have collaborated with Benedicto “BenCab” Cabrera, National Artist of the Philippines for Visual Arts. This special project showcases BenCab’s Triptych on Sabel 1 on the new Logica Celata Bar. Three exclusive pieces from this collaboration will be available, offering collectors a rare opportunity to own a part of BenCab’s artistic legacy. This unique integration of high art and kitchen design exemplifies Valcucine’s innovative approach to creating luxurious living spaces.

National Artist Benedicto “BenCab” Cabrera graced the launch of Valcucine Showroom at the Proscenium, Rockwell, Makati.
BenCab with Modularity Home General Manager Brian Hontiveros

Experiential Installations

The launch event, held on May 20, 2024, was a grand affair that drew significant attention. It began with a press preview and Q&A session featuring representatives from Albed and Pianca. These sessions provided insights into the design philosophies and technological advancements that underpin Valcucine’s products. Attendees had the opportunity to engage directly with the brand’s experts, deepening their understanding of what makes Valcucine’s kitchens stand out in a competitive market.

Chef Bruce Ricketts demonstrates how they prepared the food for the event.

The festivities continued with a launch party that included live music, DJ sets, and a bar demonstration by Ito Space, adding a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere to the event. One of the highlights of the event was an experiential food art installation by renowned chefs Bruce Ricketts and Akong Gugma. This installation not only delighted the senses but also illustrated the harmony between culinary art and kitchen design, emphasizing how Valcucine kitchens serve as a canvas for culinary creativity.

The Valcucine Makati showroom is now open to the public, inviting visitors to explore the pinnacle of kitchen design and discover the perfect blend of luxury, functionality, and innovation that Valcucine and Modularity Home offer. Each visit promises an immersive experience where clients can witness firsthand the meticulous craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and artistic elegance that define Valcucine kitchens.

Valcucine’s presence in the Philippines, through the Makati showroom, represents more than just a retail location; it is a beacon of modern design and innovation in kitchen solutions. By continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in kitchen design, Valcucine and Modularity Home are setting new standards for luxury and functionality in home living spaces.

Event photos by Ed Simon; Showroom Photos courtesy of Modularity Home

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