Father’s Day Gift Guide Every Type of Dad Will Love

June 14, 2024



Hannah Haber

Father’s Day reminds us of the incredible fathers (and father figures) who helped shape who we are. They were the steady hand we held onto and the silent champions celebrating our wins. This year, go beyond the ordinary, stereotypical presents and show your appreciation with these exceptional gift ideas.

(Super) Natural’s Family Reunion Wine

If you want a thoughtful Father’s Day gift that brings the family together, the Family Reunion wine is a perfect choice. Made from a blend of three flavors, this 2016 red wine exudes a balanced taste of ripe red berries, earthy mushroom and leafy tones, and a crisp acidity. It also includes different kinds of grapes such as Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt, Gruner, Veltliner, Welschriesling, Pinot Blanc, and Gewürztraminer to achieve its distinct taste.

Naturally fermented by Stephanie and Eduard Tscheppe-Eselböck in Austria, (Super) Natural brings this unique variety to your tables. Additionally, this bottle represents the brand’s trademark fictional family Got Oggau and their resilience despite disaster challenges. Similar to a father’s natural protective and reliable behavior, the Family Reunion wine embodies the strength of family bonds. 

This would go well if you’re planning a Father’s Day feast or a simple intimate meal to celebrate the occasion. 

Forthway’s Beddings

Photographed by Excel Panlaque

For a practical and luxurious gift idea, Forthway offers its new set of beddings to give hard working dads a good night’s sleep. Made from the highest quality Egyptian cotton, these bed linens pride themselves on unparalleled softness and durability. 

Despite its simple, white design, the brand made sure their edgings elevate them from your usual bed essentials. Available in button and tassel designs, these beddings are products of La Union women artisans’ pure craftsmanship. 

Each tassel boasts an impressive 800-thread count, taking a dedicated six hours to hand-sew. Even the buttons, meticulously crafted by hand, showcase remarkable consistency in size—a testament to the exceptional attention to detail poured into every piece.

Driven by the same meticulous care to their families, Forthway’s beddings are a reflection of a father’s love. Each piece embodies the dedication of Ricco Ocampo, a father himself, who pours his passion into creating these heirloom-quality linens. And this is what makes these items a quality and timeless Father’s day present. 

IKEA’s Muren Recliner

In most homes, you know it’s a dad zone when there is a reclining armchair. And IKEA’s Muren reclining armchair perfectly captures that throne of relaxation excellently molded to your father’s comfort. 

Made out of 90% recycled polyester and polyurethane foam, it’s a low-maintenance haven of plush support. Plus, the removable headrest and armrest covers make cleaning a breeze—just toss it in the washing machine. It’s a Father’s Day gift that makes relaxation guilt-free, knowing it’s a choice that benefits the planet too.

Moreover, the armchair is adjustable from a straight-backed seat to a fully reclined position, where the built-in footrest folds out. Not to mention the armrest pockets ideal for storing items like eyeglasses, remote control, newspapers, and keys. 

This staple dad item is available in light and dark gray covers that complements a cozy throw blanket or pillows. 

hoom’s Boy Smells Votive Sets

Along with elevated beddings and an armchair, elevate Dad’s relaxation ritual with hoom’s  Boy Smells scented candle votive sets. More than just delightful aromas, these candles offer a beacon of calm in the chaos. After a long, tiring day, the act of lighting a candle becomes a transition from the outside world to a haven of peace.

Made by fashion veterans in Los Angeles, California, Boy Smells offers two distinct sets, catering to different preferences. The woody set with cedar, hinoki, and sandalwood evokes a sense of strength and grounding—a familiar comfort for many dads. Meanwhile, the spring set, featuring lanai, les, and petals, injects a touch of freshness and optimism; a welcome change after a long day.

Crafted with natural ingredients like coconut and beeswax, these candles prioritize clean burning with braided cotton wicks. This means Dad can enjoy the delightful aromas worry-free, with minimal smoke and soot for a healthier atmosphere.

KCurated’s Wiggle

Lastly, if you want something cool and playful just like your father’s sense of humor, give him KCurated’s Wiggle. It’s one of Kenneth Cobonpue’s quirky zoomorphic designs that represents a dog excitedly greeting its owner.

Inspired by vintage mechanical toys, this home decor is made from hand molded steel, microfiber, and leather with a warm, worn finish. Its spring legs and tail allow it to perfectly imitate a dog’s wiggling. 

While a generic gift might say “Happy Father’s Day,” a Wiggle shows you took the time to understand your father’s personality. It’s one way to appreciate his youthful spirit and connect with him on a lighter yet sentimental level. 

Fathers are simple. They often find joy even in the smallest gestures you do for them. But with this curated list of items, you can express your gratitude in a way that’s truly meaningful. These gifts go beyond mere presents. They can become symbols of a tangible “thank you” for the countless ways your father has enriched your life. So even when it’s not Father’s Day, they know they are remembered and loved. 

Photos courtesy of featured shops.

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