Feng Shui 2024: The Architecture of Qi Energy

February 13, 2024



Albert Aycardo

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that aims to guide people to better living. In relation to architecture, it fosters a design philosophy centered around attracting positive energy to promote the wellbeing of its users. To harmonize your living space and attract positive energy in the coming year, consider implementing the principles of feng shui this 2024.

There are many components to this traditional Asian custom that may make it seem daunting to apply at first. BluPrint was fortunate enough to interview Jean Yu Chua, an established feng shui consultant, for her insights to help break down its concepts and applications. 

A Quick Breakdown Of Feng Shui Theory

The theory of the five elements and the Flying Star are essential concepts to understand. Feng shui divides the elements into wood, fire, earth, metal and water; all of which are relative to a specific direction and objects within your space. The auspicious direction is an interpretation of how an object relates to the direction it faces. The objective is to facilitate the smooth flow of qi energy through each space. Practitioners believe that harnessing such energy can bring in abundance and blessings to its residents. Here are some examples of how these principles are applied:

Photo by Max Rahubovskiy. Source: pexels.com
  • Beds should be against a wall to gain support, good health, and stability. 
  • Furniture should avoid being directly across any fenestrations (doors and windows). 
  • Seating should face away from the main entrance of the home to avoid inviting conflict. 
  • Hallways and foyers should be clear to allow the phoenix energy to attract fame, recognition, and career promotions. 

If you’re planning to redecorate you home, consider applying the principles of feng shui in 2024 to create a more harmonious living environment.

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Colors and Finish

The 5 elements also have corresponding color palettes that carry their own meanings.  Use the color red to catch the fire power of success and creativity. Blues and greens attract prosperity and wealth. Yellow or any earth tone color can help ground energy and improve sleep. In terms of finish, the use of wood or stone accents in conjunction with the earth tones works to promote natural energy. 

Feng shui also has a time dimension to its methodology. Depending on the timeframe (days, months, years, periods), qi will change in accordance with the occasion. For example, the date of the building’s construction and when people started to live in determines its “birthday”. The construction date symbolizes when energy has first entered the premises and gives reference to the periodic seasons of the custom. 

For those looking to build a new home or just enhance their personal and professional lives, adopting Feng Shui this 2024 could be transformative.

Harnessing Qi for the Home 

Residential or home feng shui architecture focuses on designing living spaces in balance and harmony. The believed benefits of subscribing to the practice include a proper distribution of qi, ample amounts of natural light, and a degree of spaciousness. The lucky direction determines the alignment of the rooms and is based on the owners. Here is an excerpt of how Mrs. Jean Yu Chua practices feng shui in this regard: 

“I use different feng shui methods when there is an irregularly shaped lot. Firstly, I’ll check and calculate the lot chart to get the most auspicious degrees and stars that are favorable to the owner. This will determine where to locate their main entrance, balcony, doors, windows, kitchen, and especially the master bedrooms. Doing so ensures the good quality flow of qi will benefit them. For a limited space, I will normally ask them to install a mirror to make it look spacious and attract abundance and blessings especially in the dining area.”

Integrating feng shui in 2024 practices into the design process can help enrich it. Other factors that affect the flow of energy include the location of the house, the orientation of the home, the natural landscape and wind patterns, and presence of natural water (where applicable). The facing and sitting directions dictates where the main entrance should be aligned. Surroundings should also be accessible, secure, and close to nature. 

These principles synergize well with good practices of building design. Proper placement of windows allows for better thermal efficiency. Providing ample space to users gives them more activity options within that area.

Feng Shui for Business Establishments

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You can also integrate feng shui into commercial spaces to support success in business. Position the main entrance, reception, and cashier to harness energies of prosperity and wealth. These spaces attract positive qi and opportunities. The arrangement of workspaces alongside the auspicious direction can enhance productivity and creativity, magnifying abundance and victory. Updating business spaces according to feng shui in 2024 could improve energy flow and growth.

“Since in the modern days, it (feng shui) has gained popularity due to its ability to enhance energy flow and create harmonious environments. In the traditional principles, feng shui was only practiced by emperors or wealthy families. The imperial palaces were designed and built by great scholars with symbolic architectural designs.” 

Feng shui architecture is a widespread practice across different cultures in Asia and found in many commercial developments. For example, iconic buildings in China, Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan each have a form of qi alignment to harness luck and prosperity. 

  • A Pagoda Tower is a building type built on Feng Shui principles. Each level represents a different stage of life. The structure is associated with heightened perception and awareness. 
  • The Merlion of Singapore constantly spits out water, which symbolizes a regular flow of good fortune and circulation of wealth. 
  • Hongkong Disneyland strategically places water features along the park’s attractions to generate positive energy flow that attracts tourists. 
  • Taipei 101 in Taiwan is a modern interpretation of the pagoda tower with auspicious numbers of the levels to ensure success and prosperity. 
  • The SM Mall of Asia in the Philippines has its main entrance oriented towards catching the energy of the water. 
Photo by Gary Todd from Xinzheng, China, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Landscaping with Feng Shui 

The landscaping of a property represents growth, prosperity, achievement, and luck. Physical attributes of the landscape affects the way of life within those areas. Land formation and bodies of water determine how the qi flows.

“Landscape designs such as water features, fountains, fishponds, zen garden or lanai enhances the qi flow to be cool, relaxed and promotes tranquility. Incorporating elements of biophilic designs, using natural plants, with wood or stone accents and earthy color palettes promotes the feeling of nature.” 

Water is a symbol of wealth and money in feng shui.  The presence of water brings opportunity for the owner to earn better income and accumulate power. Light is also an essential aspect as it represents fire. It brings in ideas, creativity and acts as a source of energy by adding warmth through an uplifting atmosphere. Given the stresses of recent years, applying feng shui this 2024 could be the key to transforming your space into a sanctuary of peace.

Implementing these feng shui practices can have practical benefits. Water features cool down the surrounding environment by means of evaporation. Some studies have found that the sound of running water has a calming effect. Good lighting is requisite to be able to do intricate activities and work with brightness increasing wakefulness. 

Feng shui architecture has many practical applications that improve the quality of the space. This traditional form of organizing space adds dimension to any architectural design. 3. As we ring in the Chinese New Year, applying feng shui in 2024 may just bring balance and positive energy into our spaces.

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