Feng Shui Expert Tips for Hungry Ghost Month (Part 2)

August 23, 2021



Maria Rebecca Abaya

V1 House by TNT Architects is a design informed by feng shui.

There’s so much revelation that was shared by our Feng Shui expert in Part 1 of this article mini-series: from understanding the difference between what comes from tradition and what comes from science, to establishing the right facts on the subjects of Feng Shui or Metaphysics and the Hungry Ghost Month. Among all the profound and interesting information, one thing that Mr. Paul Ang emphasizes is that Feng Shui is not magic at all. It is not an instant thing. Here are more truths about Feng Shui. 

BP: In the construction industry, before a client commissions an architect to design a house or any property for him/her, the client must already have a lot where the project will be built. If the client is still eyeing locations for a lot, are there any recommendations that Feng Shui suggests?

PA: Personally, in my own experience, I can say that it’s actually the lot that chooses the buyer. As a real estate broker before, this is what I have seen in the industry. Whenever I check the lot’s characteristics based on Feng Shui, the result always matches the Bazi of the buyer. By the way, Bazi is also known as the Four Pillars of Destiny, which is based on the birth chart of a person, the date, and the time one is born.

PA: In terms of irregularly shaped lots, there’s no really issue about it. What is important is the form of the house or building itself. Also, there will be instances that a buyer will be surprised that the lot he/she bought is somehow haunted or spirits are living in it. It may only mean that the buyer has a Yin Bazi, meaning he/she can really see the presence of the spirits.

Fengshui Date Selection
The following are Auspicious Day and Time to start Ground Breaking:
Conflict Year means for the activity, the people who are born in years of said astrology (year animal astrology) is advised to be absent
August 23, 2021 5 to 7am ( conflict for year of rooster )
August 23, 2021 11am to 1pm ( conflict for year of rooster )
August 24, 2021 9 to 11am ( conflict for year of the dog )
August 26, 2021 3pm to 7pm ( conflict for year of the Rat)
September 1, 2021 5pm to 7pm ( conflict for year of the Horse)

BP: Now that we’ve established how to select a lot, what can you recommend to the architects and interior designers on the direction of designing the house that is considered good in relation to Feng Shui?

PA: With Feng Shui or Metaphysics, in terms of architecture, the first thing to consider is the form. Whether the lot is a regular or irregular one, the form matters. It’s like the human body: when the form of our bodies is good, we are good as well. When we’re discussing the form, it means it should be complete. The form should achieve the squarest or the most rectangle shape it can have, providing spaces in all directions. In terms of numbers, or the Xuan Kong, which is mostly used in the energies of the land, it is very hard to extract. One must be physically present on-site, measure specifically all directions, using the compass, and compute accordingly based on the floor plan. There’s no such thing as “fast-food” or instant Feng Shui which, sadly, is widely practiced here in the country.

According Fengshui expert Paul Ang, swimming pool planning is really complicated. If it is placed in a correct position, it will bring in continuous good wealth, and all the yearly stars in Astrology can bring positive effects. But if it is wrongly placed, it will be very bad. So, the basic rule, as a suggestion, is that there should be no swimming pools at the south corner of the lot. It is because the south is fire, which governs the owner’s name and fame.
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BP: What about the interiors? What are your basic recommendations?

PA: With all honesty, there’s a lot of things to consider in Feng Shui. One thing that is most important in creating a desirable home for the clients is what we call “common sense”. All designs and layouts are unique and have to be calculated well. One good house design for client A may not work with client B for they are different, even if it has the best results from the calculation, even to the smallest detail.

Happy Colors can energize good “desired effect” in creating a comfortable home.
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One practical piece of advice would be to avoid making sharp designs that have edges. Imagine when you have kids running around, it wouldn’t be safe for the kids. Another concern would be the use of colors. I suggest for designers not be afraid to use any color that will make their clients happy and feel comfortable in their homes. Because in Metaphysics, colors contribute only 5 percent in the overall desired “effect”.

-Paul Ang

BP: Now, let’s talk about money. With all of the tips and recommendations, should considering Feng Shui be expensive?

PA: Yes. Real Feng Shui is expensive. In the past, it’s really reserved for kings, emperors, and royalties. Relating it today, as you notice, it’s the rich and billionaires who seek the expertise of real Feng Shui consultants. It’s because calculating the accuracy of Metaphysics is really a hard job. A normal size house would probably take ten to twenty days, or even a month to get accurate results. Again, Feng Shui is not magic. It is science, complete with research, study, computation aiming for accuracy.

BP: Before we end this informative discussion, any parting words that you want to leave our readers with?

PA:In terms of practicing Feng Shui, I would really suggest consulting a real Feng Shui master before legitimately applying it. Practicing it without understanding it defeats the actual purpose of Metaphysics. 

Also, like what I have said previously in terms of spirituality and religion, Feng Shui or Metaphysics is not a religion. Personally, my faith is in Jesus, and I still always pray. Everything I know is coming from God.

With all of the information Mr. Paul Ang has shared, at the end of the day, to practice Feng Shui or not boils down to personal convictions and choices. Learning to acknowledge and respect one’s preference can contribute a major part to the unity of the society and even the entire nation.

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