First Time To Buy A Scented Candle? Here are 5 Bright Tips You Have to Know!

April 6, 2018



Pat Herbolario

Scented candle shopping is not really the top of mind for some homeowners or condo dwellers. However, candles can do wonders for your space. They can kill annoying aromas, create a mood, and omit a pleasant scent in any space of your home.
If it’s your first time to go scented candle shopping, here are 5 tips you have to know!

1 Pillars, Tapers, Tealights: They’re not all the same.

Each candle is different from one another, especially in terms of shape. Pillars (stubby, column-looking candles), tapers (tall and thin candles), tea lights (tiny ones, usually an inch tall and a coin’s width) have different purposes. If you want to make your space truly smell nice, opt for candle pots and votive candles.scented candle, candle care, scented candles, candles tips, candle hacks, candles,

2 Size Matters

If you have a candle right now and you feel like it’s not doing its job of fragrancing your home, you either purchased a bad quality candle or are expecting too much from a little glass of wax. 180gm to 220gm glasses can cover 10-square meters at most. If you have a larger space, light more candles of the same scent for a consistent smell in an entire room.

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3 Opt for Better Waxes

Opt for candles made from beeswax and essential oils because they burn better. If you have the time, try to look for soy candles. Soy candles are organic and burn 50% longer compared to other waxes. Did we mention that they’re also organic and good for the environment?
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4 Pick One With An Open Mouth

If you’re choosing a scented candle in a jar, the jar’s mouth has to fully open so the aroma of the candle can completely envelop the space with a scent. This also means less chances of burning the jar!
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5 Choosing the Right Wick

The tiny thread you light greatly matters in a candle. Opt for a candle with a cotton wick. Aside from producing less smoke, cotton wicks burn more evenly and slowly.

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