A Home With a Purpose: Functionality is the Top Priority of the Upcoming SMDC ICE Tower RESO

September 7, 2021



Peaches Garcia

This time, a home is not just a home anymore

When it comes to investing in a new home, we don’t just consider how relaxed we’ll be at the end of each day. We must also factor in the purpose that every single space can offer. Nowadays, taking into account the functional amenities available in a condominium such as conference and function rooms, fitness centers, and even playgrounds is important since being able to do different things in one exact location takes so much weight off our shoulders. The SMDC ICE Tower Residential-Offices or RESO is a multifaceted up-and-coming high-rise building where working residents have the luxury to attain a high level of productivity in a home where comfort meets functionality.

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Artist’s perspective of the SMDC ICE Tower RESO facade

A space for success

Promoting a more entrepreneurial lifestyle, the new SMDC ICE Tower RESO shifts between home and work life very seamlessly. They do so by providing every resident with the luxury and comforts of a premium condominium, as well as services and facilities that professional work spaces are usually equipped with.

Artist’s perspective of the Sky Lounge

The SMDC ICE Tower RESO that sits on a 3,859 sqm property features a stunning full glass facade on the outside. Inside, it has 844 units in total: a mix of two-bedroom, one-bedroom, and studio units. Designed with the needs of the business person in mind, each unit owner is ensured that the fiber optic technology the building has will take away the stress of thinking about the possible loss of internet connection during the most important calls and meetings. Not only that, but its 100% backup power system also guarantees business operations will run as smoothly as possible.

Purpose-driven amenities

Premium condominium developments normally just prioritize the comfort of their residents–but it’s not just that anymore. The SMDC ICE Tower RESO offers functional amenities that intelligently puts the idea of a work-life balance at a perfect equilibrium. Its Business Hub is equipped with easily accessible meeting rooms and office machines that increase an entrepreneur’s productivity on the daily. Other working spaces such as the boardroom and function hall can also be used for intimate business gatherings or events. Meanwhile, residents and clients can choose to destress after a long day of work by visiting the Social Hub, Central Pool, or Sky Lounge.

A functional residence is the new residence. Visit their website to know more about the SMDC ICE Tower RESO.

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