Future Comfort: Home Solutions For Sustainable Living

April 30, 2021



The BluPrint Team

Build a healthier and more livable space that is fitted with comfort, efficiency, and sustainability in mind

Homes have transformed to be more than just spaces we return to after a long day at work. In fact, the term “living space” has been fully realized in our homes today–all aspects of our lives have been intertwined and condensed within these four walls. With this new-found reality now becoming all-too-familiar, and with concerns over safety being a top priority, how can we ensure that these spaces are fitted for efficiency and sustainability?

For home improvements, Wilcon houses fixtures that can elevate your home spaces with the aforementioned properties in mind.

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Energy-efficient appliances and electronics

The sala has become a highly cared for area with comfort in mind–an area that is deeply ingrained in the history of Filipino homes. To cool down during sweltering (or stressful) days, having an AC unit that is equipped with low-sound technology and high-quality filters will ensure peaceful, relaxing moments with the family and cleaner air free from air pollutants and other smaller particles. The Inverter Split-Type AC unit from Kaze houses all of those traits in a sleek white body that isn’t intrusive in your interior layout. It is also designed to make your room cool faster and more efficient with its wide-bore air outlet. Bring cooling comfort into your home with KAZE AC units that are energy-saving, economical, and environment-friendly.

When the sun starts to set and you’re winding down as you lay back, read a few chapters of your favorite book, or browse online for the latest news and entertainment, illuminate your space with Alphalux LED pendant lights. Compared to fluorescent or incandescent bulbs, LED lights consume less energy while still providing a consistent glow

Kaze Inverter Split Type Air Conditioner; Alphalux Pendant Lamp

To temper the water during your morning or evening shower time, the Ariston Aures Slim electric water heater incorporates sustainability factors through energy-saving performance by eliminating heat loss, easy maintenance with frontal access to necessary components, and a total safety system built into every unit. Its slim and beautiful design speaks of the trademark elegance and premium Italian design. Aures Slim also prevents bacteria proliferation, assuring you a more hygienic shower experience.

Hamden Hybrid Built-in Induction Hob; Ariston Electric Water Heater

For an energy-efficient partner in your kitchen, replace your stove and opt to install an induction cooktop. An induction hob is an ideal choice in creating a sustainable home for it is more energy-efficient than gas or electric stores. Hamden induction hob is fully equipped and designed with an overheat and overflow protection, auto pan detection, residual heat indicator and has a built-in safe-to-touch, child lock, stop and go function, and individual timer features for an optimal cooking experience. 

Water-saving toilet and faucets

Pozzi Clove Dual-Flush Toilet; Pozzi Touchless Lavatory Faucet

Bathrooms have become more than just areas of human necessity. These days, people find solace in such a personal space thus comfort becomes a vital factor in designing this area. Pozzi Clove Toilet offers a water-saving feature without having to compromise comfort. Its dual-flush—with 3 litres and 4.5 litres flush options—allows you to reduce water usage compared to a regular toilet with 6 liters per flush.  For a hygienic, low-maintenance, and water conserving faucet, Pozzi and Sefa Touchless Lavatory Faucets are the way to go.

Grohe Minta Touch; Birke Smart Sensor Adapter

Other faucets are also at your disposal in Wilcon. Grohe’s Minta Touch Pull-Out Spray Faucet for your kitchen is set in chrome for that luxurious finish. As a Wilcon exclusive brand, Grohe carries the seal of quality “Made in Germany” and always ensures a responsible and safe consumption of water and energy resources.

If you opt to upgrade your normal kitchen faucet, you can easily turn it into a motion sensor by installing Birke smart sensor faucet adapter. It is easy to install and can last to over 6 months of usage when fully charged.

Eco-friendly finishes

Picasso Mosaic Glass Tiles; Franke Fragranite Sink

More than just function, the room’s finish plays a key factor in overall ambiance. Carrying both, however, is P.tech with their kitchen and bathroom countertops. They are made of premium quartz which is known for its high strength and impact resistance, an eco-friendlier material. Its recyclable properties make it the best practical choice for a sustainable home. Quartz is also a good material for kitchen sinks with its hygienic and durable qualities—highly stain resistant and prevents growth of molds and bacteria on the slab’s surface. For best choices of quartz sinks, Quartex offers different designs and sizes to match your style and needs.

For a quick and easy sustainable upgrade in your kitchen area, install backsplashes for added style and protection. Backsplashes provide high-quality protection for your kitchen walls from grease stains, water spots, and keep pests from infiltrating your walls. Picasso Mosaic tiles are made from 95% recycled glass, water, and scratch-resistance for high durability, making them ideal for an eco-friendly kitchen space.

Novabell Magnífica Tiles; Grespania Sidney Tiles

With conscious production and consumption also in mind, Novabell, an Italian tile brand, brings the visual of elegance into your living spaces with their Magnifica series collection. This series embodies modernity, all while being made from 40% recycled materials. The Damasco Glitter style gives a stylish pattern that comes in Beige and Coffee Brown colors.

Grespania, a Spanish tile brand, carries classic and stylish porcelain tiles with their Sidney collection. It can give your home spaces an undeniably perfect modern and sophisticated look with its three variations: Sidney Blanco, Sidney Oxido, and Sidney Grafito. The brand commits to its environmental sustainability as their floor tile products are developed with a reduced generation of waste, while its wall tiles have the capacity to purify the air in the atmosphere. 

P.tech Mouldings

For the finishing touches of every corner at home, installing PS mouldings installed between the meeting point of walls and ceilings can surely add an aesthetic appeal and protection to your spaces. P.tech PS mouldings is an eco-friendly and safe product that is made free from toxic chemical formaldehyde, scratch-resistant, waterproof, anti-moth, anti-termite. P.tech PS mouldings are high-quality and easy to install decorative strips that come in different forms, shapes, sizes, colors, and designs.

More than the efficiency and sustainability efforts on these products themselves, Wilcon employs their own safety measures in all of its stores to ensure their employees’ safety, health, and well-being a priority, same as with their valued customers.

You can also browse their Digital Catalogue and shop conveniently while at home through your personal shopper via Browse, Call, and Collect/Deliver shopping option. It allows you to find their products by browsing online in Wilcon website or online shop. To place orders, you can call, text, or Viber the nearest Wilcon store and collect your purchases in-store or have them delivered at your doorstep. You can also shop through Wilcon Virtual Tour by contacting the nearest Wilcon store via the Facebook Messenger App and be taken on a virtual tour by Wilcon CX Heroes. They also provide contactless payment options like bank transfers, GCash, PayMaya, Instapay, PesoNet, WeChat, and Alipay for your convenience.

Start transforming your home into a space that cares for our future and visit the nearest Wilcon store with its 65 stores nationwide. For more information about Wilcon, you can log on to www.wilcon.com.ph or follow their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe and connect with them on Viber Community, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Experience greater shopping with exclusive promos from Wilcon! See list of all available promos here.

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