10 Commandments To Be The Best Condo Neighbor EVER

March 19, 2018



Pat Herbolario

A condominium challenges the idea of “shared space” more than anywhere else. The moment you move in a condo, you share a series of common areas with the other people in your building, and it is only right that all of you take care of those areas as a community. Here are 10 commandments so you can be a good condo neighbor!

1 Thou SHALL Hold The Elevator Door

We’re all always in a rush but that’s no excuse to close the elevator door on someone. If you hear someone locking their door or footsteps from the hallway, hold the door, call out “down!” as a friendly reminder for your neighbor to walk faster and to let them know you’re waiting up on them. You’ll appriciate the same gesture if someone holds the door for you too!

2 Thou Shall NOT Flush Tissue

While it might look like the easiest thing to do, do not flush down things in your toilet aside from the things that supposed to be flushed in there (#1 and #2 only please!). Anything that shouldn’t be flushed there (wet wipes, 3-Ply tissues, condoms, plastic sachets, etc.) can clog the entire drainage system of the entire building so do everyone a favor and only flush the right things down the toilet. toilet plume, bathroom secret, bathroom tips, bathroom germs, bathroom cleaning

3 Thou Shall NOT Hoard The Gym Equipment

Please, please, please keep in mind that you share the gym with everyone else. While it is great that you’re working out to be healthy, remember that other people are using the gym with you. Limit using the treadmill for 30 minutes and the bench press for 15 minutes. Be sensitive and check if anyone else wants to use the equipment while you’re using them.

4 Thou SHALL Report Anything Suspicious

Hear anything weird from your neighbor’s unit or see something out of the ordinary in your hallway? Call your building admin immediately. In a condo, it is everyone’s responsibility in the building to look out for each other.

5 Thou Shall NOT Throw Anything From The Balcony

The balcony is a place to relax, it is not a massive trash can window. Be it cigarette butts or tiny papers, nothing should be thrown from your balcony. Not only does it litter up the environment, it is also dangerous for those under your balcony. condo balcony, condo veranda, condo tips, condo interior design, interior design, interior design manila, interior design tips,

6 Thou SHALL Be Nice to The Personnel

Guards, the front desk lady, or the maintenance boys, these people are the ones who keep the whole building running like a machine. Remember to be nice to them, they are there to assist you and make your life easier, but also remember that they are not your slaves. Treat them with respect and dignity.

7 Thou SHALL Keep the Hallways and Other Communal Areas Clean

Everyone uses the hallways and sure there are personnel assigned to clean those areas up but that is no reason for you dirty it up. A good condo neighbor doesn’t let his or her pet pee/poop in the hallway and doesn’t leave pizza boxes as if the condo was a hotel. Pick up after your pet and put trash in the allocated garbage room or garbage chute.

8 Thou Shall NOT Play Music Extremely Loud

Remember that the only thing separating your from the rest of your neighbors is a wall. Be a good condo neighbor and keep your speakers’ volume down to a minimum. If you’re hosting a party, the same rule applies, especially in the wee-hours of the night when your neighbors are getting their zzzs. The last thing you want is your party to be shut down because of complaints! Sonos speakers, Home speakers, House speakers,

9 Thou SHALL Segrate Trash

This is a tiny thing that can make a big difference. Don’t just dump your jumbled trash in the garbage room or chute. A good condo neighbor has at least four trash cans in his/her condo: one for biodegradables, one for non-biodegradables, one for recyclables, and one for the bathroom. If you have limited space, have at least two: biodegradables and non-biodegradables.

10 Thou SHALL Be Polite and Respectful

This is the most important rule a good condo neighbor is to be considerate, polite, and respectful. The confides of you unit might be yours but the other areas is a commonwealth, it’s something everyone in the building uses so its best to take care of those spaces as a community.

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