Jomari T’leon, fuses figuration and abstraction through scenes that inquire into themes about existentialism and mortality in his works. Most Art enthusiasts have observed that Jomari’s portrayals of people and places are usually set in muted renderings, resulting in reflective and somber images to understand more about the living. Jomari, a graduate of the Technological University of the Philippines, has exhibited in renowned galleries such as Mono8 Gallery, Blanc Gallery, Village Art Gallery, Nova Gallery, and Art for Space Gallery. He was included in BluPrint’s five emerging artists of 2021.

(L) Jomari T’leon and (R) Lyndon Maglalang

Palawan born-Lyndon Maglalang graduated from the University of Rizal System, Angono Campus, as an Advertising major. Being in the country’s art capital, Angono, has led Lyndon to meet the artists of Kuta Arts Group, where he discovered his true sense of purpose. He considers Kuta founder Isidro ‘Manong Jon’ Santos as one of his mentors. Lydon’s masterpieces are easily recognizable because of his signature subdued palette.  His impressive works are usually influenced by stories and parables, which lets the artist portray contemplative images that complete the mise-en-scène or the setting. The mood he creates for pieces brings to mind gray, cloudy days, or unhurried moments at sunset. His mixed-media works representing pivotal moments in his artistic journey have graced various group shows in Manila, including those displayed at Art Fair Philippines and the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Last May, his solo show Everything is in Parables was exhibited in Art Busan in Korea.

These two artists collaborated on a show titled, Groundlaying, which is on view until December 9, 2022, at Mono8 Gallery. The result is a dialogue between these two amazing artists that discuss their life philosophies and the questions we often think of, focusing on the path of their lives that we want to track. As noted on the show’s exhibition notes: “Mapping the paths and tracks of what makes an individual, Lyndon Maglalang and Jomari T’Leon engage in a dialogue that responds to their inquiries on the contexts of existence. Presenting works that express these thoughts through dismal and intriguing renderings, the exhibition concretizes insights and observations about life’s pre-determined or heedless trajectories.”

Both artists intentionally produced works of almost the same size for the exhibit to be coherent. Jomari, who has spent three months preparing for the show, exhibited a mixed media sculpture and seven astounding Oil on canvas paintings. Meanwhile, Lyndon, who exhibited ten stunning acrylic on canvas pieces, worked on the exhibit for almost two months. These exhibited works are upshots of Lyndon’s reflections on the two verses from the bible. “Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like someone who looks at his face in a mirror and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like. (James 1:23-24) The show’s title, Groundlaying, came from the idea of forming a foundation or base was suggested by Mono8 Gallery’s director, Gwen Bautista.

Groundlaying is on view at Mono8 Gallery, 306 Fox Square, 53 Connecticut Street, Greenhills, San Juan City.

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