Home Diffusers 101: Which Type is Best for You?

February 12, 2018



Denny Mata

Home scents, particularly essential oil home diffusers, are all the rave right now. These home diffusers come in all shapes and sizes but it can still be confusing to pick which one suits your lifestyle or personality best. So, here’s an introduction to the 4 major types of essential oil home diffusers, and a guide on picking the best for you.

1 Nebulizing Diffuser

Often recognized as the best form of oil diffuser, this type uses cold air or room temperature to pressurize the essential oil molecules across a small tube, also called an atomizer or nebulizer. It breaks down the molecules into tinier particles, and diffuses them in the air in a fine mist. This atomizing technology retains the natural healing properties of the essential oils. When the molecules permeate the air, they remain suspended for hours and get absorbed into the body through the respiratory system.
Perfect for: those who use essential oils for their physical and mental health. Also ideal for those practicing aromatherapy.

2 Ultrasonic Diffuser

Also called a humidifier and a vaporizer, this type of diffuser uses water and electronic frequencies instead of air. The essential oil is broken down and dispersed into the air through the vibrations in the water, created by the electronic frequencies. Vaporizers humidify and produce a nice scent in a small area, but with limited healing capacity due to the water diluting the essential oils. However, when the essential oil evaporates, residue can collect on the surface around the diffuser, so it needs to be cleaned regularly.
Perfect for: purifying the air, removing unwanted odors, and a spa-like atmosphere. Ideal home diffuser for those  who don’t mind cleaning regularly.

3 Evaporative Diffuser

This home diffuser does exactly how it’s named. The essential oils, usually dropped onto a pad or a filter, evaporates when the wind or a small fan blows past it. However, this process diminishes the therapeutic properties of the essential oils, by dispersing the lighter components (top notes such as citrus) faster than the heavier ones. While you cannot maximize the benefits of essential oils, this type is relatively less expensive and more portable.
Perfect for: people on-the-go, travellers, and budget-conscious types. Apt for for small areas.

4 Heat Diffuser

Out of the four types of home diffusers, this type is the only one that uses heat in atomizing the essential oils. The heat warms the essential oil and causes it to evaporate into the air. Just like the evaporative diffuser, the essential oils are diffused faster. Thus, this type of home diffuser is not advisable if you are after the healing properties of the essential oils. However, you can use this to spread a lovely scent throughout your place, not to mention it’s a relatively inexpensive and noiseless option.
Perfect for: those who budget-conscious, and have no kids or pets around due to the flame]]>

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