It’s the time of the year when the country starts to reach the peak of the rainy season. During these months, normally people tend to be lethargic, feeling unproductive due to the bed- inviting weather. But this inactiveness can be recharged by adding details that will spice up your homes and be more prolific. It can also be taking out stuff that will allow the spaces to be used in a more constructive manner. And with today’s situation of everyone’s spending most of their time at home, it’s the perfect time to have a little project on home improvement. We’ve compiled some secrets straight from IDr. Gian Carlo Daus to help warm our homes this rainy season.

Seal and Protect

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First things first, before concentrating on the inside spaces, it’s wise to make sure that the envelope of our houses is well protected from the rain itself. Lining up plastic pails to address water leaks like a mini-obstacle course inside your house is a big no-no. IDr. Gian reminds us to repair roof leaks, seal, and apply the correct amount of waterproofing agent and/or sealants to concerning walls and windows. Thinking that checking roofs and walls may be too late, well, not really. The rainy season is a good time to check all the leaks and find out how water goes in and the path that it has created over time. Identifying the right spots will help you determine the right solutions.

Wipe Up, Stay Dry

Having added protection from the exteriors, it’s time to keep the inside spaces dry at all times. Keeping it dry lessens the moisture that dampness creates. Over time this moisture invites odor and molds in our furniture and even appliances. Upon entry, Daus suggests using coil doormats to trap dirt and also an anti-skid absorbent rug next to your doorstep. He also adds the importance of having a shoe rack and a little bench right beside your doorway. It prevents one’s shoes to be taken inside with all its dirt and the little bench is where you can sit as you take off your shoes. Another thing, it would be better to have separate compartments for your dry and wet shoes.

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As IDr. Gian continues, he also advises to have durable air humidifier for this helps air to circulate better especially in small spaces like an apartment or condominium unit. The ones with added feature like the UV light filter is very timely for that additional protection against any viruses. With regards to our indoor plants, as plants need moisture, insect and mold preventing solutions can be added to the plant’s soil, like apple cider vinegar, liquid soap, and cinnamon.

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Further, let’s not forget our clothes and the way we do our laundry. It’s a fact that it is very hard to dry our washed clothes this season. So, if budget permits invest in a washing machine and dryer of good quality and durable material.

Due to moisture, the floors, especially wood flooring, get damp as well and a good absorbent mop can do the job. IDr. Gian also reminds us to lift things from the ground for flood-prone areas. With regards to your wooden furniture, you can brush it all over with unscented oil polish to save it from moisture. Another easy peasy trick on managing moisture is the use of silica gels. In case you don’t have one, don’t throw those small sachets found on packaging for these contain small silica gels and you can place them in spaces where moisture can settle in like shoe boxes, drawers, and vaults.

Lighten, Brighten, Colorize

Protected exteriors, dried up interiors, now we can move forward to jazz up the living spaces. During the rainy days, the skies are cloudy and mister sunshine is somewhat hiding and minimal light is evident. IDr. Gian promotes the use of sheer curtains to lighten up a gloomy room, letting in as much natural light and it also allows better air circulation. In addition, he said having green plants, and decorating with blooms brightens up the mood of the room. He also adds that candles are great too. Aside from the beauty and drama it brings, the heat from the flame aerosolizes the mold around and helps kill it. As the aerosol disperses from the candle and moves around the room, it cleanses the floating mold spores from the air. Also, study shows that lighting candles while working, especially for those working from home, lets one focus more.

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“A good lighting can do the mood on a gloomy day. Having some bright general lighting allows you to do your task while having warm ambient and mood lighting creates a cozy relaxing ambiance. Because of the right play of artificial lights, we use in our interiors, we tend to forget the dark and gloom outside upon entering our homes. So having good lighting can really bring the sunny day vibe inside” shares Daus.

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Aside from the decorative blooms, we can add more colors by using them as accents like on the throw pillowcases, the table napkins in our dinner settings, the vases, and other decors available. The brighter the accents, the more warmth it gives.

Ambient Corner

With all the discomforts of being wet this rainy season, it does have its bright side, the cold weather. To maximize this cold weather, you can set up your very own little cozy coffee corner for that needed space to chill after a day’s work. It does not need to be fancy, a good comfortable sofa or soft bean bags beside your window, with that rain view, can do the trick.

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Together with a small table where you can place your mug filled with your favorite coffee or hot chocolate drink while reading your favorite book is the best. IDr. Gian also empathizes the added coziness of good music in the background and of course, the lighted scented candles for that utmost experience. And this little cozy corner can also be your hangout place with some icy cold drinks on hot days during summer while looking at the stunning fresh blooms outside.

Emergency Ready

The rainy season in our country can be sadly so tragic at times. Typhoons are getting stronger and the water volume from seemingly unending rainfall gets higher causing so many floods. IDr. Gian also mentions being always prepared for emergencies.

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Having that coffee corner is good but allocating an emergency response corner is better. It can be a simple space, that’s easy to access, with storage for all the things needed for an emergency, like your first aid kits, flashlights, extra batteries, candles, matches, umbrellas, raincoats, and more. If you want to be more ready, you can also prepare those emergency-go bags and you can check out all the item lists provided by your local government units or visit the websites of concerned government bodies.

There can always be an exception to the rules, depending on how bold you are, or how amazing the space you’re working in may be. These smart tips will still work as a guide for you to use while you warm your homes this rainy season.

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