How To Celebrate The Chinese New Year So You Can Be Super Swerte

February 9, 2018



Pat Herbolario

The Chinese are super superstitious and everyone knows it, especially during the Chinese New Year. However, it is also a known fact that while these superstitions might sound outrageous, everyone (even those who are not Chinese) falls in the allure of Chinese traditions because of the lucky they allegedly bring. If you;re celebrating the Chinese New Year this year, here are 8 tips to celebrate it right!

1 Thank You, Rooster

Before the Year of the Dog rolls in, it’s only right to give thanks to the year that has passed — regardless of how good or bad it was. It is a sign of respect to the previous year and hints to the incoming year that you are open to change. Making amends to foes is also a must to start the year right.

2 Declutter

Before the next Chinese New Year, it is recommended that you declutter all the items you no longer use. This helps positive energy enter in your home and nad ones leave.
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3 Clean Your Home

Aside from decluttering, you need to clean your home from the floors to the countertops. Cleaning kicks the bad vibes out and makes space for the good ones to come in. Ironically though, do not clean your home during the new year itself because you’ll be “sweeping away” the lucky vibes.
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4 Celebrate with a Bang

Just like New Year’s Eve on December 31, you need to make some noise for the Chinese New Year. Avoid using any fireworks for safety’s sake, opt for confetti poppers and party horns. Also, you can play music as an alternative.

5 Celebrate with Loved Ones

Enter the New Year as a family or with your loved ones, this will bring you luck as a family in the coming year. If you are far away, make sure you spend it with other people as starting the year alone is bad luck.

6 Display Tangerines

Display a variety of oranges and tangerines on your dining table before the clock strikes 12 for extra luck. If you have tangerines with stems on them, it’s even better because this symbolizes longevity.
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7 Serve a Whole Fish or Chicken

You have to serve a whole fish or a whole chicken during the Chinese New Year as this symbolizes and promotes togetherness with your family.

8 Eat Something Sweet and Sticky

Yes, this is why Tikoy is such a huge deal during Chinese New Year, it’s sticky and sweet. According to Chinese tradition, eating a sticky-sweet thing will bring your good luck in the coming new year.

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