6 Kid-Friendly Kids Rooms That Are Probably Cooler Than Your Room

May 7, 2018



Denny Mata

Living the high-rise life alone isa easy; but, when you’re living with your partner and your young ones, it gets a little complex. When living with kids, you automatically think of baby-proofing your home, but why not make it baby- or kid-friendly instead? These cool kids rooms show how you can make children’s rooms kid-friendly and functional that’s no way short in style.

1/ Minimal and Neutral

Typical colors used in kids rooms are either pink or blue, depending on the sex of the baby. Gender-specific colors create a clearer division of spaces for boys and girls. But, sometimes it’s better to go for neutral colors to make the room more relaxing and calming, especially for newborns and toddlers. When the kids grow a little older and find their own favorite colors, it’s easier to paint over or accessorize the room. condoliving kids rooms inspirations hacks

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2/ Prints and Patterns

For young families with girls sharing one room, you can make use of different paint colors or wallpaper prints to cater to each girls’ preferences. Sometimes sharing a room with your older sibling can mean you won’t have a say on how the room should be, but parents can inspire sharing by incorporating both girls’ picks. Take cues from this kiddie room, where the upper bunk gets more of the dotted wall, and the lower gets the plain pastel color. condoliving kids rooms inspirations hacks

Bonus Tip: Encourage the children to clean as they go by providing them a nifty storage system for their toys and other knick knacks.

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3/ Fixed and Rounded

Growing children also means growing curiosity and hyper-activity—the main reason why most parents go for kid-proofing their homes, putting barriers and cushion everywhere, which limit freedom and fun for the kids. But, making the family unit kid-friendly, or at least the kids rooms, will encourage their inquisitive minds and their energetic bodies to do more. condoliving kids rooms inspirations hacks To do this, make the furniture pieces or accessories fixed and rounded, like this room. Instead of picture frames that can detach from the wall and get broken or hurt your child, you can have embossed pictures on the walls instead. Choose cushioned furniture pieces that has rounded corners as well, to avoid cuts and bumps.

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4/ Books and Nooks

Most often kids rooms are made for both sleep and play, especially for smaller condo units. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a place for their playtime; a nook is enough. For instance, beside the crib or the bed, you can place an play mats, area rug, or bean bags. For bed time stories or for when you’re breastfeeding, have a couch, rocking chair or bench. condoliving kids rooms inspirations hacks

Bonus Tip: We suggest you do reading time at a nook instead of the bed, so as not to mess up the kids’ brains on what activity should be done in bed. Studies say that doing something else in bed, aside from sleep and relaxation, messes up the brain’s program.

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5/ Work and Play

For kids old enough to start school, their rooms can be bolder and brighter, although this will also depend on the kids’ personality now that he or she is older. But one thing is a must-have: a study area. As mentioned, it’s not good for kids to get used to working on things in their bed, more so if it’s studying. It’s best to have a clear separation between sleep, study, and play. On the opposite corner of their bed or instead of a bedside table, create a work or study station. condoliving kids rooms inspirations hacks condoliving kids rooms inspirations hacks

Bonus Tip: Open shelving is perfect for kids so they easily see their things. Use decorative boxes with lid and stainless steel baskets for instant stylish storage. These boxes also make the room look cleaner and more put-together.

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6/ Tall and Handsome

Family condos with high ceilings should be taken advantage of. Instead of having two beds in the boys’ room, bunk beds will save more floor space, which the boys can use as their play, study, or hosting area (we know these kids love having friends over). Or, if your unico hijo is the only one using the room, you can turn the upper bunk into more storage or a guest bed for his playmates. condoliving kids rooms inspirations hacks

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