Life Unhurried: At Home with Wilmer Lopez

December 16, 2021



Ome Itum

Speed and positive vector are definitive markers for development. Although some may argue that it is a mere social construct, growth and advancement have been humanity’s collective battle cry. Of late, though, progress seems to have taken the backseat in favor of a life well lived—a life that is anchored on a more profound purpose that looks beyond material wealth and tangible achievements. Color conjurer and interior designer Wilmer Lopez knows the value of quality in everything—from furniture pieces and artworks, to design elements, living spaces, and homes.

“I think each one of us has a vision of what an ideal home should be or should look like. If you are after the aesthetics, I do not see anything wrong with that. For me though, since the renovation of this Antipolo home during the long lockdown period, I got a better understanding of how I wanted to live,” he shares. “I’m sure I am not the only one, but I realized the importance of open spaces and nature, and how they make me feel good,” he continues. This abode, set on gently rolling terrains and facing an idyllic old chapel, used to be the designer’s weekend home. “I was on the lookout for a new property back then—and I guess it was providence that allowed me to find this and have the privilege to live here!”

From its original African theme with rich dark walls, overwhelming prints, and an abundance of bold textures, Lopez toned it down to be more representative of his aesthetic as a designer and as a person. With his penchant for clean lines made more interesting with conversational pieces, the spaces were given a refreshing Scandinavian character. White walls lend a feeling of airiness, and the neutral toned furnishings contributed to an understated luxurious appeal. Even back then, the house was envisioned as simple, direct, and uncomplicated without losing the spaces’ sense of functionality. More than a decade later, the same house takes on another theme—and still one that effectively addresses the intentions and purpose of the end-users.

If there is anything that we can learn from professional designers, it is that design should be used in pursuit of comfort, quality, and satisfaction. Lopez’s sensibilities showed us how careful space planning and a thorough understanding of what you want can transcend the superficiality of style, and that there should be no boundaries to practicality and timelessness.

For an in-depth description and closer photos of Wilmer Lopez’s home, click on the link to BluPrint’s latest e-mag anniversary vol. 3 issue.

Photos by TK

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