Luxe Living: MyHome’s Top 5 Luxe Bedrooms for 2019

March 4, 2019



Louise Paner

Contrary to popular belief, modern private spaces can exude timelessness—the play on volumes, the addition of lavish textures, and all the subtle trimmings allow the contemporary appeal to serve the needs of the inhabitants and improve the quality of life through better design. To show you how it can be done, we’ve curated our top five bedrooms that make us spend more time in bed with the imaginative use of materials and thoughtful design executions. See how contemporary furnishings and well-curated art make for the most sophisticated take on modern bedroom design.

This Couple’s Resort-Chic Bedroom

This elegantly modern home was designed by IDr. Jenny de Dios. The couple wanted the feel of a luxury resort. However, the space needs to still exude a home-like appeal, and it should not have an excessive tropical appeal. To achieve this, wood elements with rich and warm tones are beautifully offset with polished chrome accents. A wooden four-post bed dominates the space. To provide contrast against the sleek lines and dramatic furniture, the designer added in a tufted headboard and paired it with light-colored ottomans. The entire space is swathed in natural light courtesy of expansive picture windows, adorned with cream-colored draperies to enhance privacy.

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This Filipino-Inspired Bedroom in Quezon City

This stately Filipino-inspired home was designed by Arch. Nikkolai Tuason. Wood, stone, and other natural materials were used to great effect by Arch. Nikkolai to bring to fore the Filipino design of the house. The master bedroom was built to be spacious enough for the homeowners to spend time with their children whenever they please. It also comes with its own living area, an en suite bathroom, and his-and-hers walk-in closets. The space imparts a luxurious feel even with its minimal furnishings. The wooden ceilings and and warm cove lighting further the grand feel of the private space. Following a Filipino aesthetic, the bedroom walls were adorned with different paintings by Filipino artists. Tall sliding doors open up to a veranda, providing the room with a stunning view of the outdoors.


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This Couple’s Mauve-Colored Bedroom in Cavite 

IDr. Byron Tolentino designed this refreshingly homey tropical home for a family of four in Cavite. One of the homeowner’s requests was to have two master bedrooms in the home—one for him and his wife, and the other for his parents. The homeowner’s entire master bedroom is a study in understated elegance with its tufted furniture and soft accent pieces. A dark mauve-colored tufted bed dominates the space, accented with mauve and robin egg blue throw pillows. A similarly-hued tufted bedroom bench rests at the foot of the bed, nestled on top of plush carpeting. Wooden flooring and a wooden study table provide contrast against the soft furnishings, providing the room with a sense of balance.

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This Lavish Earth-Toned Bedroom  in Quezon City

This breathtaking home in the heart of Quezon City was designed by IDr. Jeizele Go. The homeowners’ master bedroom exudes warmth in its most lavish form through the use of an earth-toned color palette, metallic accents, and luxe finishes. The room’s tall glass windows display a stunning yet soothing view of the home’s lush greenery outside. IDr. Jeizele made use of Veneziano wallpaper over the ceiling as a luxurious final touch to the couple’s private sanctuary.

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This Edgy Master Bedroom in the South

Joy Ejercito, both the interior designer and lady of the house, along with her husband Don, decided that the look of their home should be timeless, but it should also require minimum upkeep. The couple’s spacious master bedroom gives off a raw and edgy appeal with its use of dark-colored furniture pieces against deep and rich walls. Hints of orange and green provide pops of color, enlivening the space and adding to the room’s overall charm. There are tall glass sliding doors that connect the master bedroom to the garden, providing the couple with soothing views of the outdoors. IDr. Joy added in a little nook outside the bedroom so she could indulge herself with her arts and crafts in her free time.

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