It's Cute, But This Needs To Stop: Letting Your Pet Sleep In Your Bed

March 22, 2018



Denny Mata

1 Companion To Dominion One

of the many reasons why people have pets is companionship, and that’s the same reason why they even let them sleep in their bed. It’s healthy for your psyche, but the problem here is when your pet get used to hanging out in your bedroom, especially in your bed. Pets (especially your four-legged fur baby) tend to be possessive or territorial, and if they see anyone who are “strangers” or “intruders” in “their” sleeping area, you might not get to sleep in your own bed anymore (or your wife or husband who’s always away on business trips).

2 Snooze to Sneeze

If you’re allergic to anything airborne, don’t even think about letting them in your bedroom. While you’re not allergic to your pet itself, the microorganisms or allergens he or she carries in her fur will trigger your allergy. Instead of having a smooth snooze, you’ll be up all night, sneezing. Read More: 2 Reasons Why You NEED to Change Your Pillow ASAP

3 Good Night Sleep To Lack Of It

Speaking of having a good night sleep, you MIGHT develop a sleeping order (read: insomnia) when you let your dog or cat sleep beside you. Here are the reasons why: snoring, kicking, scratching, and bed-hogging pets. Best to get them their own bed to rest on rather than share your own.

4 Sweet Kisses To Meningitis (And Other Infectious Diseases)

Another (important!) thing: sharing your bed with your pet will expose you to various infectious diseases, brought to you by the microorganisms that get stuck in their fur, paws, teeth, and tongue. Even if you wash them clean regularly, there are stubborn dirt, bacteria, and other disease-carrying microscopic organisms you cannot simply shoo away. So, don’t let your fur baby kiss or lick you, and don’t hug them like your life depended on them, when you haven’t bathed or brushed their teeth. Your pets are can be carriers of the fleas that caused the Bubonic Plague or parasitic eggs (see: ringworms, hookworms) on their coat, not to mention the bacteria living in his tongue that licks you every time you get home. Read More: 10 Commandments To Be The Best Condo Neighbor EVER

5 Bear Hugs to Bed Bugs

Don’t think that you are the only one affected by letting your pet sleep in your bed—your pets can be affected too. Remember the bed bugs you sleep with without you knowing? They are going to infest your pet when you’re not around. Without a human the bed bugs won’t have a decent host; so, they go to the next host that use the same bed: your pet.

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