Urban Planner Karmi Palafox Tours Us Around Her Condo

March 27, 2018



Denny Mata

Karmi now works in her dad’s firm as Managing Partner of Palafox Associates. Obviously, the firm was incharge of the condo’s design. Hardworking and determined but still living under her parents’ roof, Karmi decided that it was time she moved out of her parents’ house and got a place of her own. “I had this goal of living alone and having my own place by the time I turn 30,” shares Karmi Palafox. She started renting a studio unit in the same building of this unit. After a few months, she purchased this affordable 75-sqm one bedroom unit. Make no mistake, Karmi Palafox the urban planner is as perfectionist, persnickety and precise as Architect Palafox. But as her own person, Karmi Palafox is fun, caring, thoughtful and spontaneous. On weekdays, Karmi works 10 to 12 hours. Meanwhile, she spends weekends running errands and going to the market. Come evening, she has drinks together with friends. She makes the most out of her single life by travelling. “My colleagues at work and my family laugh at me because I make sudden decisions late at night to go to places like Siquijor the next morning even if I know no one in the area,” shares Karmi about her random, last-minute adventures. Karmi’s interesting personality is echoed in her bachelorette pad. Her unit houses a lot of artworks, antiques, and other colorful novelties from her travels around the world, from her friends, and from her parents. Karmi is not the kind of person to invest a lot of cash in art.  Most of the art in her home are gifts from friends, garage sale finds and souvenirs from her travels. The antique cabinet in Karmi’s dining area—which is also a hidden bar—has been on loan from her mother for as long as she can remember. Her Russian Matryoshka dolls and wooden puzzle boxes from Budapest that stand out against a plain white shelf in her living room are from her travels around the world. She also has trinkets from Bhutan, and Myanmar. Karmi also purchased some of the furniture pieces in her eclectic condo, like the woven stool she bought before she purchased her condo unit and the orange chair in the living room. The table and chair in her working desk are bought on separate occasions. However, upon purchasing the condo, Karmi was left with a lot of furniture because the former owner was in a hurry to move out, so she didn’t have to purchase new side tables in her bedroom. Travelling the world, managing a company with over a hundred architects, and making plans for big cities, provinces and even other countries, Karmi Palafox has big plans for the firm and herself.   This story first appeared on CondoLiving 2015 Vol. 10.1. Edits have been made for CondoLiving.OneMega.com.

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