2 Reasons Why You NEED to Change Your Pillow ASAP

February 20, 2018



Denny Mata

We all have that one fluffy pillow we love to the core, and some may even be using their pillow from their childhood to this date. But you see, you need to dispose of your pillow ASAP, and buy a brand new one. No excuses. The very pillow you use to lay your head and face and embrace like your lover night after night needs to say goodbye now. Why? Here are the only two reasons you need to know.

1 You Won’t Get a Comfy Sleep

A pillow, especially when in regular use, will lose its shape over time. If you continue to use a deformed headrest, you may experience tension, neck, and back pains, who wants to wake up with those? Also, you can get sleep-deprivedthis can lead to insomnia, and may affect your disposition for the whole day as well as your performance at work and other activities. 


Besides, there are a lot of microorganisms inhabiting your cushion, which you inhale every time you lay your head or face on it. Yikes! Your pillow can harbor bacteria, mold, dust mites, and fungi. Not to mention, the chemicals and fillings that make up your pillow can harm you. If you’re using a synthetic one stuffed with polyurethane foam, you are exposed to chemicals released by the foam slowly into the air over time. This can cause nausea and headaches to some people. Your own dirt gets stuck in it as well. Even if you shower before going to bed, you still leave traces of sweat, dead skin cells, oil from your hair and skin, dandruff if you have, and even saliva if you do salivate when you’re asleep. This also means that your pillow is a personal item, not meant to be shared with others. If you have guests over, make sure you give them a spare pillow, and not yours. All these can cause sinus congestion and other respiratory problems, and damage or irritation to your skin and other dermatological problems.

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